Holby City: A Valentine for Christmas

oliver holby(Series 17, ep.11) Ric Griffin’s back! And his very first action was to rescue a tramp who was being beaten up by a bunch of Holby’s disaffected youth. It wasn’t not just any old tramp, though – it was only the blue-eyed charmer formerly known as Young Dr Oliver Valentine, looking somewhat the worse for his bereavement-induced career break.

“He’s one of ours,” said Ric as he wheeled him into AAU, because for now, Ollie is a patient rather than a doctor (though he still knows his U’s and E’s from his LFT’s). Months of not looking after himself very well and a brush with a nasty virus in the Andes had knackered his heart, and his liver wasn’t far behind. There’s only one man who can sort out a mess like that – Elliot Hope and his untested-on-humans Assist Device, and that’s what Oliver had flown all the way back and hitchiked from Heathrow for. 

jac elliot holbyThis raised all sorts of moral, ethical and, yes, financial questions, and Jac put her foot down. “You are thinking with your heart and not your head,” she told Elliot, but that’s Elliot for you. Jac wasn’t being horrible for the sake of it – she knew what failure would mean to Elliot personally and professionally, and for Ollie it would mean he was dead. “I’m not going to let you kill Oliver and this project at the last hurdle,” said Jac, thinking of all the future patients that could be saved if the Assist Device only had time for a bit more tweaking.

Of course the operation went ahead – Ollie signed something to absolve the hospital of any blame should the outcome be bad. Jac told Elliot she was right behind him, and suggested the Assist Device was given the name Kibo – which is Japanese for Hope. Neat.

ollie holbyMost people know by now that James Anderson is coming back to Holby permanently, so the chances were good that he’d get through the surgery successfully. Even so, the operation itself was rather suspenseful – would the new device work? Could Ollie’s weakened body cope with it all? Jac and Sacha waited nervously outside. Even Harry Posh was worried.

But Kibo worked, and Ollie lived to open his lovely blue eyes and blink handsomely at Elliot and Jac. He even had the cheek to ask for his job back, bless him.

Later on, Jonny (who knows Jac financed the prototype of the Kibo) brought in a package for Jac. It was a motorbike helmet – a gift from Elliot. And she’d been eyeing up a motorbike in the car park with longing in her eyes at the beginning of the episode, too, so I think fans of Jac in leather won’t have long to wait.

She was fixing up her own teddy bear for Jonny to give to Emma – but she still won’t take the step of seeing her daughter herself. She thinks Emma is better off without her in her life, but really what better role model could a little girl have than a kick-ass motorbike-riding top surgeon of a mother – who is also, in her heart, a good friend and very kind.

After his heroic tramp-rescuing, Ric’s shift settled down to nothing more than a bit of low-level bickering with Serena. “What’s been going on, Serena?” he asked. “My mother died and there’s been a spot of bother with the boys,” she said, summing up months of AAU storylines in one elegant sentence.

zosia holbySelfie and Digby had to do brain surgery on Entertainer Darren Day, and Digby was rather tense because Jesse had told him that Selfie once went to pieces in theatre due to his wife’s illness. Would he hold himself together now that Zosia has been sectioned? He did, although he spent worrying amounts of time waffling on philosophically about jigsaws. Zosia had been refusing to see her father, but Digby managed to get them talking again by  commanding them to do a jigsaw together. As a strategy this was rather successful and Selfie has now asked Digby to call him Guy (only his very close friends get to call him Selfie).

In other news, Dominic is LA-bound after impressing Fleur with his essay, and Sacha received a pressie from Essie.

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3 responses to “Holby City: A Valentine for Christmas

  1. Sophie

    I have always loved Jac but I much preferred her when she was “one of the gang” – either with Mo and Jonny or Greg and Sahira. I miss the Jac who would have jumped at the chance to perform pioneering surgery against all odds. The Naylor of 2 Christmases ago who defied Imelda and the board to perform the Herzig op on a dying old lady. I know everyone has to change of course but in that respect I loved her the way she was.

  2. fredpipes

    Did the staff really have a whip round to buy Prof Hope’s plane tickets to the snow? I would have thought that on his salary he could have afforded to pay for them himself?

  3. mrssatan

    I loved the new improved Digby – he’s obviously been taking lessons from HH where you only raise your voice when you *really* have to and then it has the desired effect.

    James Anderson’s eyes… 😊