Holby City: Baby, it’s cold outside

zosia holby(Series 17, ep.10) There’s something about Christmas that makes everything more emotional, isn’t there? The decorations, the lights, the singing, the excessive alcohol.

Just about everyone in this episode got emotional at some point, and none more so than Zosia. Oh, but it was sad. Zosia got it ito her head that Anita Dobson off of EastEnders was her mum, come back to her for Christmas. Anita played Betty Stern, and she wasn’t stern, she was sweet. And anyway, Stern is German for star, and through a random selection of star-based stuff, Zosia decided Betty was her mother. And, like Zosia’s mother, Betty had cancer. Zosia was on a mission to save her, even if that meant some rather frightening fundraising on the ward and at the staff Christmas party. 

Digby and Dominic tried to be helpful, but Digby was run off his feet with doctorly duties (dull, but someone has to do it) and Dominic was busy being terrified at the prospect of Christmas with Kyle’s alcohol-free family.

Things got even sadder when Zosia visited a post-operative Betty, who now didn’t recognise her, and then tried to find her mother under the Christmas tree next to the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery (looking spectacularly festive). It was like that scene in Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, when Kevin’s mother finds him under the Christmas tree, but without the happy ending. “Mama’s dead, isn’t she?” Zosia said to her father, who had no option – finally – but to put her in the care of mental health services. Once again Camilla Arfwedson was brilliant – Zosia’s pain seems so exposed that it’s sometimes hard to watch. Even Selfie was very touching, and Zosia has a real friend in Digby who always does his best to help her.

Mo thought she was on to a good thing when Jesse said he wanted to duet with her at the Christmas party. That’s got to mean more than just singing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ right? It made her go all flirtatious in theatre, but luckily she’s such a good surgeon and multi-tasker that she can sort out a heart valve while still making eyes at the anaesthetist. The patient was Margie, who was in the episode in which Mr T dressed as an elf. In this episode, Mr T dressed in his finest going-out waistcoat to accompany Mo to the party – at the request of Adele [Memo: add “matchmaker” to increasingly long list of Adele’s Skills]. Margie had advised Mo to “follow her heart,” and Jonny Mac also gave her the same advice – dump Mr T kindly, to clear the way for Jesse.

Mr T may dance like he’s being tasered, but he’s the sweetest, nicest man in the world. He told Mo she was far too good for the likes of him – and then went outside and failed to start his little car, he was that upset. Meanwhile, Mo had spotted Jesse and her sister kissing. Ouch.

There were tears on AAU, caused by baby Callum Teo, the new baby of Dr Amy Smug-Teo and… well, who? Amy decided it was time everyone found out. Serena sorted out the paternity test (and had a little eyes-filled-with-tears moment at the sight of wee Callum, who was extremely cute). In my best Jeremy Kyle voice (picture me perched on a step at the front of the stage) I can now reveal that the father of the child is… Dr Harry Posh. Yes, Callum is semi-Posh. Harry told Amy he wanted to support his son in every way possible, but she said she and Callum were moving to Singapore. This made Harry cry.

Dr Raf Previously-Smug didn’t cry, but he said that’s because he’d told himself that it couldn’t be his baby anyway because of his rubbish sperm. He and Serena decided to swerve the Christmas party and go for a few consoling bottles of Shiraz instead. Probably a wise decision.

Sue H


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21 responses to “Holby City: Baby, it’s cold outside

  1. Thunderchild

    For a moment I thought the episode was going to end with a tipsy Mr T running Zosia down in his little car!

  2. fredpipes

    Never mind Zosha, what about poor Mr T! Heartbroken! And i love it that Holby always keeps a spare bed for whoever collapses in the car park!

  3. mrssatan

    The two people I felt most sorry for tonight were Mr T and Zosia… My heart broke for poor Mr T as he sat in his little Smart car (I had a horrible feeling that Zosia was going to be found under its wheels – he had been drinking and was distraught – not a good mix); and as for Zosia; her descent was almost painful to watch… I felt a small sliver of sympathy for Selfie, a small glimpse of the man he was before his wife died. Perhaps there is a human being under all that bullshit and bravado

  4. HolbyNut

    What, no mention of Serena leaving the hospital with what must have been a medium-sized husky wrapped around her head? 🙂

  5. The Divine Bebe

    I hope Serena gets a love interest next year. She’s lovely. She and her ever-more-enormous muff deserve some fun.

  6. MvOC

    Selfie emoting – and his face didn’t crack! That’s the most acting he’s done since he arrived in Holby, I almost felt sympathetic even though it’s Self’s fault Zosia was allowed to get that bad. Zosia was heartbreaking but Mr T in his little car listening to Wham was the saddest thing I’ve seen in ages!

  7. Anna

    mr. T!!! he is the loveliest man in in the world, can’t believe mo finally rejected him, whyyyy???? :(( only Serena could pull off that hat, love her little relationship with raf, he has got so much better this series.

    • MvOC and Anna – Mr T is probably better off with George Michael. He and Mo would be a lovely couple, but no couple is ever allowed to be happy for long on Holby. Just ask… well, any of the regular characters, really.

  8. Chloe Derbyshire

    Raf + Serena + Shiraz = Probably not a good idea after last time… Lol

    I notice you’ve been calling Harry Harry again instead of Dr Posh rather frequently in this review, does this mean you’ve started to warm to him again…

  9. Was it me or was there a hidden message between Zsosia’s breakdown and her patient showing signs of dementia / Alzhiemer’s and seemingly not another doctor or nurse picking up on Zsosia’s patient?

    When in the middle of having episodes people ignore you. I’d expected Zsosia to be on the roof crying and Mr T, OMG mr drunk driver

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