Waterloo Road: Don’t go breaking Twinkle’s heart

simon waterloo road(Series 10, ep.9) They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but Simon Twinkle Spark served it steaming hot this week, and it was brilliant. Returning triumphant from a successful job interview in Wales, it wasn’t long before Simon discovered (via the reliably dim Sue) that his wife has been “cavorting” with smarmy PE teacher Hector Reid.

simon lowsley waterloo roadSimon immediately headed for the gym and was only prevented from setting about Hector with a baseball bat by the arrival of Vaughan Fitzgerald. After this, Simon resigned, told Sue he wanted a divorce, had cuddly moments with Christine, Audrey and Kacey Barry, and told Darren and Lenny that violence was never the way to resolve things. Then he reversed his car over Hector’s precious motorbike and drove away from Waterloo Road with a smile on his face. Marvellous. 

leo fitzgerald waterloo roadThe other big story involved Leo Fitzgerald, a boy so lonely that even Kevin Chalk doesn’t want anything to do with him. A friend was on hand in the shape of Mandy, who’d called him on the advice hotline last week and had been impressed by his computer knowledge. It was clear from the get-go that Mandy wasn’t quite right and it wasn’t long before she was nutting Justin for being horrible to his brother. Christine wanted her gone, but Vaughan insisted a community hub wouldn’t work if the community wasn’t allowed in. “This isn’t a ‘hub,’ it’s a school, and you can’t have random people wandering around,” said Christine, speaking sense. Sadly Vaughan doesn’t hear sense (even Allie admitted later that “Sensible’s not always a priority to Vaughan.” In a headteacher, this is an alarming trait).

leo waterloo roadIt ended in Mandy and Leo bunking off school (though it was technically only Leo doing the bunking) and Mandy having a meltdown with scissors in the Fitzgeralds’ bathroom. It turned out that Mandy had borderline personality disorder and was supposed to be in a mental health unit. While it was made clear at the end that Mandy was sad rather than scary, and Leo promised to keep in touch with her, I thought the horror film camera angles were a bit unnecessary and the equation of mentally ill=dangerous wasn’t helpful.

In other news, Tiffany was absent this week as she’s staying with friends of Allie’s while they decide what to do about Justin, and Justin was rampaging around like a sullen kid who’s had his phone confiscated.

And Darren and Rhiannon are planning a Strictly Come Dancing theme for the end-of-term party next week. I bet Twinkle is gutted he’s going to miss that.

Sue H

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One response to “Waterloo Road: Don’t go breaking Twinkle’s heart

  1. Boo Yah

    Simon should have punched Hector, at least that would have been a slight appeasement for having to put up with Hector/Sue in future. That aside, I hope the “actors” who portray the latter two characters have more chemistry irl. Regardless, Simon’s exit (speech) was quite a few shades of awesome!
    Still blegh on Vaughan and his boring af family.

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