Holby City: Finding Mr Right

holby mr t(Series 17, ep.9) Not an episode to be watching if you’re feeling at all sensitive about babies for any reason (or sensitive about tinsel, but that’s another story). There were two births, neither of them straightforward – lots of screaming for the first and Mr T up to his elbows in afterbirth with the second – but at least the outcomes were good. The births were also the background for much soul-searching and quite a bit of brains-speak. And, obviously, a chance to bask in the loveliness that is Mr T (MR T!).

AAU was the centre of these neonatal goings-on. There was a newborn with a CDH (the same condition as Jac and Jonny’s Emma) who needed Jac’s surgical skills and Raf’s special ECMO pump. It’s a scary piece of kit for a tiny baby to be attached to, and her mother Helen (Nathalie Cox) didn’t at first consent to the procedure. Later on, Helen talked to Raf about how a mother is supposed to protect her child from nasty things like that happening. She spoke to a backdrop of Jac trying not to be emotional while operating on a tiny child with the same problem as her daughter – and to Raf, who in this episode may or may not have become a parent himself. 

harry raf holbyAfter barfing dangerously close to Dr Harry Posh’s shoes, Amy went to see Mr T, who diagnosed pre-eclampsia and whipped out Baby Smug-Or-Posh by caesarean. Harry and Raf both appeared for the procedure (“You wait all day for a birth partner then two turn up at once,” quipped Mr T). Baby S-O-P was born safely, but there was the standard post-childbirth hiccup for Amy, who needed a bit more of Mr T’s skill to sort her out.

Raf went to visit the baby and reported back to Amy. The wee one has his mother’s eyes, hair and temperament, apparently, and he also has a lot of willpower. Raf wondered if he dared suggest that the willpower came from him. Poor Raf – he so much wants it to be his baby.

mo jesse holbyBefore I relinquish all thoughts of Mr T for the week, when is Mo going to realise that he is actually her perfect man? He was her Secret Santa and gave her a John Coltrane CD (he’s so obviously a keeper). She was Secret Santa to Jesse and gave him a DVD of her favourite film Strictly Ballroom (incidentally the first film I ever went to see with Mr H) – which he promptly passed on to a delighted Mr T. See how well matched they are? But silly Mo still thinks Jesse is more of a catch, just because he goes surfing and wears a jazzy hat (though not while surfing, presumably). I did enjoy watching her face as she pictured Jesse wearing a thong, though.

dominic holby“It looks like an elf sicked up,” said Dr Dominic Copeland. He wasn’t talking about Jesse in a thong. He was talking about Zosia’s way with Christmas decorations. “It’s very shiny,” said Digby. “It’s very magnificent,” said Zosia. It was all of the above, and a bit more, and was a twinkly manifestation of Zosia’s too-sparkly mind.

Dominic had other things on his own mind, as he was still trying to impress Fleur and get the LA lecture tour gig. It didn’t help at all that his patient of the week was Mr Bing (Shaun Prendergast) – the man he may or may not have stabbed with a needle last time he was in the hospital. On that occasion I diagnosed toxoplasmosis before any of the doctors did, and this time I beat them to a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. I really should get out more.

At some point Zosia let slip in front of Kyle that Dominic used to be Darren, so now Kyle is all cross with him. Just wait till he discovers that Malick’s not dead. But at least Fleur was impressed with his diagnostic skills. Just as well she didn’t find out about him taking blood from other patients. He really is a loose cannon, but I find him very enjoyable.

selfie jac holbyWhat I didn’t find enjoyable was the sight of Jac kissing Selfie at the end of the episode. Luckily, for whatever reason, Selfie knocked her back. “I thought you were a lot of things,” said Jac, “But boring wasn’t one of them.” I’ll just leave that thought hanging, I think.

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7 responses to “Holby City: Finding Mr Right

  1. fredpipes

    Why was Dom taking blood from the next bed man?

    • wiggles

      I think because he knew he was drunk and could then explain Mr Bing’s symptoms using that (thereby giving Zosia a reason to discharge him)

  2. HolbyNut

    “Baby Smug-Or-Posh” lol

  3. mrssatan

    The Selfish/TermiNaylor snog left me feeling very queasy… as did the thought of Jesse in a thong… and don’t get my inner Grinch started on the elf sicked up disaster that Saucer created, I’m still shuddering.

    Liked the Linden Cullen Memorial tour we went on – the chapel and the shrubbery (my inner Grinch found the switching on of the tree lights almost soothing after Saucer’s adventures in Wonderland)… and then there was the delicious Mr T… 😍

  4. MvOC

    I was impressed that they all managed to buy, wrap and deliver their Secret Santa gifts within hours of finding out who they had – what with them all being super duper busy medical persons!
    I’m baffled as to why Jac and Raf were treating a baby with CDH on AAU – where were all the experts who treated Emma?

  5. ceramicqueen

    I do agree – the Jac/Selfie kiss made me squirm – just wasn’t quite right. Rest of the episode was fab. Thank you for another great review.