Holby City: Healthy body, healthy mind

zosia holby(Series 17, ep.8) How would Zosia cope with a busy day on a ward where Fleur has “upped the tempo”? Selfie didn’t worry his grey matter with that sort of thing. As long as she’s taking her medication and looking like the hot-shot junior doctor she’s supposed to be, that seems to be fine with him.

Her shift wasn’t made any easier by the presence of Lisa (her former roomie from the clinic), and a patient without a penis (not rare, I know, but this one was a man) who presented a particularly tricky case and kept speaking Zosia’s brains at regular intervals.

lisa jesse holbyLisa, an artistic type, was convinced that her prescription drugs changed her personality too much, so she refused to take them. She was a wee bit obsessed by Zosia and pretended to have a heart problem so she would be admitted to Holby, but obviously she ended up on Darwin because that’s where people with heart problems are put. This brought her in contact with the fragrant Jesse, who decided she was faking illness and sent her on her way. When Lisa’s sister arrived and explained about Lisa’s mental illness and tendency to take cocaine to self-medicate, Adele told Jesse that if he’d only spent more time with Lisa he’d have spotted that something was wrong. This is because as well as being a HCA, studying for a nursing degree, co-producing the latest life saving heart invention, being Secretary General of the United Nations and just commencing her astronaut training, Adele is also a Top Psychologist. 

Jesse seemed to get the blame (and blame himself) for Zosia’s condition, but I’m going to borrow Adele’s Top Psychologist badge for a minute to speculate that she’s had her illness for a long time – the whole time we’ve known her at least – and Jesse was almost a symptom rather than a cause. He was a contributing factor at most.

selfie holbyBack to the man without a penis on Keller. Not only had he had his manly part hacked off by an angry girlfriend (there was a lovely scene where Dominic was reading about this aloud from the internet, while Digby was about to eat a banana. The way he removed the banana from his mouth and let it hang limply was poetry in motion), but he’d had a childhood injury that meant he couldn’t safely be anaesthetised – hence there was no chance of having his bits reconstructed. “Do you have any idea what it’s like to lose a part of yourself?” he asked Zosia, and of course she does because the hyper part of herself was currently being chemically subdued.

Zosia has the makings of a brilliant doctor, and she worked out a way for the patient to have surgery for his stomach problem, which meant the reconstructive surgery would also be a possibility for him in the future. And then she dumped her pills and, worryingly, went out on the lash.

serena holbyAngus Farrell, the man from the health authority who was previously so stern that he made Henrik Hanssen look like Graham Norton, was hovering around AAU. That’s hovering, not hoovering. There were so many non-speaking extras in this episode that there was probably someone hoovering somewhere in the background, I just wasn’t quick enough to spot them. Angus was there for a bed blocking review. He wanted to send patients home within 24 hours over Christmas, and Serena wasn’t having any of it – a bit of a turnaround from her former “bish bash bosh” approach to moving patients on, but she’s been on the staff of Shoe Sick Central for quite a while now and knows what’s what. One thing she knows is that sick people Photo 02-12-2014 21 58 33have to eat (unless they’re nil by mouth or have just been sick on your shoes) and Angus had decreed that eating was a luxury AAU couldn’t afford, so she ordered healthy takeaways for everybody from Wyvern Organics. I bet they aren’t cheap.

Later on everybody was at a pub quiz. Serena and Raf were enjoying another bottle of Shiraz when they were joined by Angus, who is a pub quiz whizz, apparently. And was there a bit of flirting going on between him and Ms Campbell? I think there was.

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3 responses to “Holby City: Healthy body, healthy mind

  1. There was definitely flirting going on.

  2. mrssatan

    I loved the banana scene… you could see Digby wince… just perfect.

    Adele is getting hard to believe. She’s empathic, we get that, but she’s turning into Saint Adele of Holby *shudder*

  3. The Divine Bebe

    Agree with both comments. flirting, tick vg, Adele, irksome. I must have stepped out for the banana moment, cos I assumed he was transsexual and had got stuck half way through the transitional process. I was surprised his/her hair cut was so boyish, but now all is clear