Coronation Street: Better the Dev you know

coronationstreetjulie“You had me at amazing!” gushed a breathless Julie, placing a solitary finger against Dev’s lips and being the first person to ever shut him up with any ease. This says a worrying amount about how little it takes to impress Julie, given that Dev only got the chance to deliver the one adjective, but the Street’s latest will they/won’t they pairing are very much now on.

It wasn’t an easy ride though (don’t go there, just don’t). Julie had been partially snared by Dev’s random business contact of the week, the dashing Dominic and, instead of being an adult about the situation and simply telling Julie how he felt, Dev thought it would be the best idea to play a few mind games to try and set the couple off on the wrong foot; thus allowing Dev to swoop in like the Lothario he is. He told Julie that Dominic was still aching from a divorce (Dev, really, not much can put off a woman who has locked lips with her nephew and fallen head over heels in love with Brian Packham) while he went for the ‘Julie is as mad as a box of starving cats’ tactic with Dominic. Which didn’t involve a huge amount of lying to be fair. 

Sophie the shop gal was, as usual, not doing a great amount of work (she was even running low on baked bean stock: rookie error) but instead chastising Dev’s childish antics. It was quite strange for Sophie to be the most mature person in the scenes and this in itself says enough about how silly Dev was being. Of course, Dom and Julie soon twigged what Devilish Devendra was up to which meant that Dev was left with only one choice; to confess his undying (for now) love for Jools. As the pair enjoyed true love’s first kiss (I’m not deliberately quoting Shrek here, although it is a little bit apt), Dominic was quite rightly unimpressed and asked them not to involve him in their games in future.

The biggest challenge was yet to come however: breaking the news to Mary that they were now an item. Mary had already seen them locking lips and her expression was one of sheer devastation but, despite what many argue, I do not think Mary has or has ever had romantic feelings for Dev. I think she just likes to feel a part of the little family unit that they have developed and worries that any woman who steals Dev’s heart might also steal her place in the fold. We were therefore treated to soap’s most touching scene of the week as Dev assured a tearful and visibly delighted Mary that he always wants her to be a part of the children’s lives. I always love it when eccentric characters who are often played for laughs have small, heartwarming exchanges like this. The Dev and Mary pairing works extremely well and you’d have to have the heart of Tracy Barlow not to have felt something during their lovely little chat. Genuinely moving stuff, and excellently performed by the brilliant Patti Clare and Jimmi Harkishin.

soaps-corrie-8522-1Speaking of Tracy Barlow, she was determined to flog some of jailbird Rob’s belongings, including his tablet to new astronomy enthusiast Norris and the cufflinks that Carla bought him on his 16th birthday. Carla was none too pleased with this course of action and, as soon as Tracy realised the sentimental value that the cufflinks held, she took great joy in giving them away free to Beth for Kirk to wear at the wedding. As soon as Carla clocked them, it became painfully obvious what Tracy was trying to achieve and, sure enough, Tracy swaggered into the Rovers and tried to trigger a ‘wind up Carla’ scenario, only for her and Beth to turn the tables and call her bluff.

Finally, Michael had been forced to reveal his heart condition to ‘Gavin’ only for it to emerge that he wasn’t all that he seemed himself; in fact he has borrowed the identity from the real Gavin and seems intent on fleecing Michael and the Platts. Audrey and David seem to have clicked that something is amiss but poor Michael remains convinced that he has finally been reunited with his son. Steph is eyeing Fake Gavin up and he’s even done a shift in everyone’s favourite Manchester Bistro (still doesn’t beat Steve’s shift) so it looks like he may have reason to stick around; which can only mean bad things for Michael’s bank balance and his dodgy ticker which looks set to be broken.Coronation_Street_spoilers__Michael_Rodwell_s_son_Gavin_revealed_to_be_an_impostor

Still, it has given David Platt the opportunity to do what he does best; deliver scathingly barbed comments at every opportunity that have had me snickering away like a naughty schoolboy. Corrie is currently hitting the balance very well between comedy and drama again and long may it continue. If we keep getting treated to unexpected secrets like Gavin being exposed as a fraud and brilliant little scenes like the one between Dev and Mary, then I will be a very happy reviewer indeed!

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  1. The Mary/Dev scene was so sweet – Dev was gracious, kind and thoughtful.