Holby City: Getting back to normal

zosia holby(Series 17, ep.7) “The best way of getting me back to normal is getting me back to normal,” Dr Zosia March told her father. Hard to argue with her logic, apart from the fact that “normal,” to Zosia, means being at work.

For the past week or two she’s been at an expensive and exclusive-looking clinic and the verdict from the doctor in charge of her was that she may be bipolar. As usual, Selfie was in denial. Mental illness? Goodness. Nothing that assisting with a bit of seriously tricky brain surgery won’t sort out!

zosia holby cityObviously that didn’t work out well at all, and even Selfie was finally forced to admit that having a grown-up daughter who writes all over the table in Pulses in salt isn’t quite right. He went back to see the psychiatrist and admitted that his views of mental illness were “unenlightened.” You don’t say. Even so, despite Sacha offering some father-to-father advice and Zosia’s odd behaviour being the elephant in every room she sets foot in, Selfie is still determined to keep the issue just between the two of them. 

serena holbyIt’s when your life has been through upheaval that you really find out who your friends are, as Serena discovered this week. Apart from clutching a biodegradable urn containing her mother’s ashes (and yes, it did look like a big takeaway coffee cup), she was trying to pretend that she was getting back to normal by getting back to normal. During Adrienne’s illness a lovely bond started to develop between Serena and Dr Raf (not smug at all these days) and he was adorable again this week. There was a beautiful scene where he brought two bottles of Shiraz and he and and Serena got pleasantly drunk in her office, talked about her mother, talked about his wife being pregnant possibly with Harry’s baby (“My gast is well and truly serena raf holbyflabbered,” was Serena’s response to this) and then went to bury Adrienne’s ashes in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery (will I have to start calling it the Cullen/McKinney Memorial Shrubbery now?). “I’m glad she’s somewhere I can see her all the time,” Serena said, adding, “You’re going to have to help me stop the drunks peeing on her.” Brilliant. To top it all, Raf had arranged a trip to Paris for her – it was a place she’d visited with Adrienne. You have to say, what a man. I take back every negative thought I ever had about him (unless he starts being smug again).

jac holbyTo Darwin now, and I have to wonder where Jac is getting all this money from? She gave a load of cash to her mother to try and get rid of her, she presumably gives Jonny Mac money to pay for Emma’s upkeep, yet she still has enough lying around to secretly finance Elliot Hope’s latest invention, which was so expensive that the normal Darwin budget wouldn’t go near it. Do you think she’s won the Lottery? Can you imagine Jac popping into her local newsagent’s for her regular copies of Take A Break and Cardiothoracic Sarcasm and a scratchcard? Anyway, she’s become Elliot’s secret benefactor because she’s lovely really and she adores him and believes in him and feels guilty for appropriating his Herzig. So he can now buy as many batteries and rolls of sellotape as he needs to finish his invention and save lives. Hurrah!

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8 responses to “Holby City: Getting back to normal

  1. Chloe Derbyshire

    Although of course that idea is going to bite either Jac or Elliot on the backside at some point…

    I didn’t like Sacha trying to give Selfish this advice last night. Last time I checked, in an attempt to save his daughter he endangered his sons life… Yeah, he really is the best person to dish out parenting advice isn’t he…

    Is anyone else wanting to see a Serena, Raf and Fleur drunk seen after last night??? God, that would be hillarious.

  2. Oh gosh such a brilliant summary :3

  3. Is it bad that I really want to buy “Cardiothoracic Sarcasm”?! What a shame it isn’t real!!! Wonderful review, as always! I really enjoyed Serena and Raf’s scenes. He’s so much nicer when Posh and Mrs Smug aren’t around 😀

  4. Vaudelin

    I absolutely loved this episode. It had everything – great acting, great writing and a smile on Jac’s face – what more could you want! I actually laughed out loud at least three times (my favourite being “you had me at Shiraz”). Just brilliant and a brilliant review as always.

  5. HolbyNut

    As well as the “My gast is well and truly flabbered” line I did also smirk when Raf consoled himself that at least with Harry as the father, it might save him a few £££ on school fees.

  6. Boo Yah

    Sorry to bother you, but will you be reviewing last week’s episode of Casualty?

  7. Thunderchild

    Seeing Zosia at the start I thought I was watching the new Secret Escapes advert!