Coronation Street: Sally reads too much into this one…

Coronation_Street_spoilers__Sally_to_accuse_Tim_and_Anna_of_having_an_affair__reveals_Sally_DynevorThank heavens for small mercies: some Corrie episodes that I actually enjoyed! This is becoming a rare treat these days but last night’s double was an entertaining hour of soap.

Anything that focuses on the brilliant Sally Webster, played by Sally Dynevor, is automatically half way there. I make no secret of the fact that I adore Sally; she is classic Corrie and always delivers, whether it’s in her eager to please factory scenes, her outrageous snobbery moments or her down to earth kitchen sink drama, she is undoubtedly one of the show’s strongest characters.

Pairing her with Tim was a stroke of wonder; the pair are fantastic together and I love the added layer of making Kevin and Tim mates. Corrie could have easily gone down the cliche path of making Kevin and Tim sworn rivals but the fact that Kevin is a somewhat awkward gooseberry in the relationship is inspired. Even though the rushed explanation into how Tim was able to message Faye wasn’t really satisfactory, the story of his inability to read is a strong one, even if it did crop up out of nowhere.

I am glad that the signs are showing that it was not a mere plot device to get Sal to make a fool of herself and I hope that Corrie see this one through properly and with the attention and sensitivity it warrants. Tim has become an endearing character and the viewers root for him so this development, if done right, can only be a positive one.

In last night’s episode, Sally turned investigator and Tim sneaking about with Anna led her to the only conclusion she can think of after a marriage to Kevin Webster: Tim was cheating on her. Sophie added kindling to this fire by doing snooping of her own and confirming that Tim was indeed over at Anna’s. In actual fact, Anna and Tim were more in the prose of passion than the throws as she was giving him another (patronising) reading lesson.

It wasn’t until Sally was preparing to throw his prize footy trophy out the window that Tim caved and admitted the truth and a guilty Sally was forced to crawl back to ‘Anna Slutty Windass’ and apologise. I’m not a huge fan of Anna and didn’t enjoy Sally having to crawl up to her in this way; in Sally’s defence all of the signs DID point to something suspicious going on, after all.

Keeping on the Windass theme, I am also enjoying the scenes of Craig and Faye’s friendship. The absolutely brilliant Craig was offering Faye some dosh to go on the school trip and she was opening up to him about her fears for moving. Faye is going to need a friend in the coming months and you don’t get a better friend than Craig. Colson Smith and Ellie Leach are both excellent young actors and their characters have more chemistry than many adult pairings. I’m not talking in a relationship way; I mean friendship and this is one solid friendship that is developing well. Long may it continue.

17_11_coro_steve_steph_michelle_01In other Corrie developments, Steve continued to avoid his demons (aka Michelle) as his depression continued to spiral out of his control. He may be in denial, but it’s clear for the viewers to see that the Steve we know  is in the grips of the illness. Simon Gregson is playing a blinder; his performances are hauntingly believable and reminiscent of my experiences with depression. In tonight’s episode, in order to avoid facing his troubles at home and a partner who was struggling to understand him, Steve put in a shift at the Bistro. Michelle is beginning to believe that Steve no longer loves her while Liz is trying to use the tough love approach. Steve is drowning in his misery and it’s only set to get worse; which means more emotional performances ahead.

The quality of tonight’s episodes reflected in the ratings, with the episodes pulling well into the 8 million mark. Episodes like these are what Corrie should be doing more often.

What did you think of last night’s Corrie double? Let me know your thoughts using the comments box below. Also, you can follow me on Twitter for more Corrie news; honestly, Sally won’t get suspicious if you do.

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  1. It was good wasn’t it? Even if the explanation of Tim and how he was able to contact Faye via the internet was brief and garbled, at least they addressed it somewhat. Everyone has been hollering objections over the storyline about that point. I love Sally and love Sally and Tim together. Great dynamic. I agree, too, a lovely friendship between Faye and Craig.

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