Casualty: Lily Chao – ace detective

lily casualty(Series 29, ep.10) Sitting nicely on the interface between medical and crime drama, this episode (thrillingly titled ‘Deadfall’) was full of moody, flickering lighting (a dodgy generator, apparently) and grainy flashbacks and had a wonderfully eerie, paranoid mood to it.

The bodies kept piling up, but there was a plucky detective to hand in the form of Dr Lily Chao, as well as a handsome prime suspect (Gary Lucy) and comic relief from Max and his bad back. 

What a night for a nasty bug to be going round and the department to be understaffed. Without a glimpse of a consultant to be seen, Ethan and Lily were the doctors in charge and the shift soon went pear-shaped when Charlie arrived in an ambulance with a victim gary lucy casualtyof a car crash he’d witnessed. The man was soon dead – but Lily wasn’t convinced his injuries or his general state of health could have been the cause. The plot was convoluted and I suppose a tad contrived, but no more so than the average episode of Lewis. Everyone seemed to be connected to everybody else, and otherwise healthy people kept mysteriously dying. Despite Ethan telling Lily, “You clocked in as a doctor – not a detective,” she spent most of the episode wearing an expression that could be captioned, “Hmmm…” She had a patient with a loose tooth and another patient’s relative with bite marks on his hand; the man with the loose tooth looked terrified of the fairly innocent-looking police constable – Lily couldn’t help but Draw Conclusions. Plus there was a feisty female police officer who instantly rubbed Lily up the wrong way.

It all climaxed in the lights going out completely, people falling from the roof, Lily being attacked twice, the second time almost fatally – but getting to the bottom of the mystery anyway. It was over-the-top but excellent fun – like an episode of Scooby Doo with added medical details.

Sue H


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2 responses to “Casualty: Lily Chao – ace detective

  1. I wondered if I’d fallen into an episode of Midsommer Murders rather than Casualty

  2. Hmmm, it was a dreadful experiment, with loose ends and preposterous coincidences everywhere. Ethan could have given Lily the equivalent of a ‘you’ve got 24 hours to solve this case’ but instead sent her home. And what was in those dodgy drums that fell off the back of a lorry right at the start? Red herrings?

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