Wentworth Prison: Bad day for Fletcher? You betcha!

franky-and-bea-fight-1It was quite a quiet day at Wentworth Correctional Facility all in all. Aside from shower room sex, knife fights, gun deliveries, hospital escapes, warden breakdowns and Doreen’s pregnancy farts, nothing much was really going on.

It was a tension filled episode; arguably more so than Wentworth has ever been, and that’s saying something. As Vera/Mini-Freak/Vinegar Tits (delete as appropriate) pointed out early on; something big was bubbling; and no, I’m not just talking about Doreen’s flatulent digestive system. An uprising was afoot; but Bea has even bigger fish to fry than top dog Franky; after a fight and a half, she took the steps to hack wounds into herself so she could end up in hospital to make a break for it. Yep, for the new Wentworth Top Dog, covering herself in magazine armour and taking down the current leader was just one step in a bigger master plan; one that even puppet master Joan Ferguson didn’t see coming until it was too late.

It was only a matter of time before Franky and Bea would clash spectacularly, and the entire episode, if not the entire series built up to the critical face off in the laundry room. Franky’s cockiness began to get shaky; particularly when she discovered that Maxine was double crossing her. Her violent threats did nothing to shake the indomitable Maxine, who saw, like the rest of us, that Franky’s control was slipping.

Even mousey Jess was playing her part in supporting Team Bea, by taking a real bullet by enduring the advances of Fletch the Letch. It didn’t take him long to give in to her fletch-and-jessflirtatious charms and 5 minutes after giving her a mint, he was giving her something much less fresh in the shower room. This seedy encounter gave Bea the opportunity to swipe Fletch’s security card and take a knife from the mail room in preparation for defending herself against Franky. Realising the mistake he’d made in giving in to temptation, Fletch broke down when he realised his card had been taken.  Despite his very great flaws, it was very difficult not to feel some sympathy for Fletch as he crumbled in very powerful and emotive scenes.

When it came to making her move, Franky was taking no prisoners (see what I did there?), she lunged a knife several times into Bea, who was saved only by the pages of Cosmo. Bea eventually turned the tables on Franky, giving her a good pasting that quietened Boomer’s roars of support and Franky had to admit that she had been overthrown. Having been on a diet of blood clotting pills, Bea went on to slash herself in several places, earning herself a day out to the hospital. The scenes were highly charged and exciting; gruesomely violent and unique in that it was hard to decide who to root for. I love both Franky and Bea and wanted to see neither of them take any real bashing but Nicole da Silva and Danielle Cormack did the fight scenes real justice; along with the directors and writers who put it together. Fight scene of the year? Most definitely. Of all time? Quite possibly.

Bea completed her journey by making a break for it from the hospital, under the guise of a hoodie. She had a firearm sent to Liz  and is clearly a woman on a mission. It’s not hard to imagine who she is heading for; did you really think Bea would drop the matter of Brayden’s involvement in Debbie’s death? Be afraid, Mr Holt, be VERY afraid…

I loved the latest Wentworth; and I clearly wasn’t alone. I got an overwhelming response from my Twitter followers when I asked for their views and here is some of what was said:

@claireh46613010 summed up my feelings perfectly; saying that the episode ‘spectacular, heart pounding, edge of the seat drama’ while @cefasox36 stated that it was ‘jaw droppingly brilliant’.

@lawprodigy found it an ‘action packed heart racer of an episode’ while @ctwilky shared the frustration of the Wentworth fans that we have to wait 7 days for another fix.

Finally, @Jaymie174 gave an impassioned overview, replying that the episode was  ‘Absolutely phenomenal! The finale is fantastic too! Danielle & Nicole are magnificent actresses. Wentworth is the best!!!’

Say no more!

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  1. Rarely do you get see what life is like in a women’s prison.. from the inside.. This daring series is explosive in its characters brought to life by incredibly talented actors.. From the very beginning I became a fervent fan.. Able to watch both series 1 and 2 together, I am totally hooked and awaiting Series 3.