Downton Abbey: Bad news for Lord G

downton abbey(Series 5, ep.7 In possibly the most aristocratic thing they’ve ever done, we left Lord and Lady Grantham at the end of last night’s episode preparing to go to sleep with a dying dog in the bed with them. At least it’s got Lord G back in the marital bed after Mr Bricker’s midnight creep.

Lord G’s beloved Isis wasn’t at her best last week, and this week a vet delivered the terrible news that Isis is very soon destined for the Great Kennel in the Sky. Lord G is now carrying Isis everywhere rather like Tom Cruise carries Dakota Fanning everywhere in War of the Worlds.  

At the risk of sounding heartless, every cloud has a silver lining, though. Lord G’s preoccupation with his ailing canine companion distracted him at a useful time for Lady Edith. Her mother, grandmother and aunt had hatched a cunning scheme whereby she could adopt Marigold as if she was really adopting a poor farmer’s child, and let her live in the nursery with Sybby and George and Nanny and everyone would be splendidly happy. Lord G thought it was an odd business, but it wasn’t the most important thing on his mind.

Mary doesn’t know the truth about Marigold, but Mary is almost completely preoccupied with herself and her feminine allure at the moment anyway. Charles Blake seems to have solved the Lord Gillingham problem by encouraging Miss Lane-Fox to pursue him, and by getting him to think Charles and Mary are an item.

So there are still no engagement announcements from Mary, but they’re coming thick and fast from other quarters. Mrs Crawley agreed to marry Lord Merton, and everyone was happy apart from the Dowager, who’s going to miss having a socially inferior but intellectually interesting friend. She wouldn’t go so far as to try and split them up, though, unlike Lord Merton’s nasty son, who tried and succeeded.

So probably no wedding bells for Mrs Crawley, but possibly better luck for Rose, who became engaged to Atticus. 

Below stairs, Thomas is looking much better now he’s stopped trying to cure his gayness with bogus remedies, and was even quite nice to Miss Baxter. And Daisy has gone all militant and (in this week’s Heavy-Handed History Lesson) is very disappointed that the first ever Labour government hasn’t achieved more for working class people.

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