Waterloo Road: Be careful with Beyoncé!

rhiannon waterloo road(Series 10, ep.3)  I found the main story in this week’s Waterloo Road really sad. Verruca Salt, a girl with pitifully low self esteem (me calling her Verruca probably wouldn’t help, so it’s Rhiannon from now on) had a virtual baby to look after and, bless her, it looked to be just about as much fun as she’s ever had in her life. Taking to virtual baby motherhood like a duck to water, Rhiannon took beautiful care of “Beyoncé” and even enjoyed talking to her as she wheeled her to school. She was probably only a whisker away from putting Beyoncé’s name down for nursery and arranging to have her vaccinations done.

It was all the more poignant because she thought she was really pregnant, and was harbouring visions of herself and Darren (the father) and a real Beyoncé (not the real Beyoncé – that would be implausible) living in domestic harmony.  

Darren, who only lost his own mother a short while ago and who wasn’t exactly brought up in a cosy domestic setting himself, was reluctant and also reverted to his former twonkish self by slagging Rhiannon off to Harley.

Rhiannon wasn’t pregnant anyway, but the whole situation – including “killing” virtual Beyoncé by shaking her – demoralised the poor girl until Maggie the Former Dinnerlady took her for a walk and talk and offered some child-based career options. This had the magical effect of empowering Rhiannon and giving her something to aim for instead of a life of parenthood-on-benefits.

Just ask Carol Barry how hard that is. This week she spotted a money-making opportunity and pretended she’d had an accident at work. Vaughan Fitzgerald once again proved he’s the Man Who Won’t Be Scammed, and paid a visit to Barry Towers and tricked Carol into admitting she’d made the whole thing up.

Meanwhile, Vaughan’s son Justin continues to pout and sulk his way through his days, though now he has an ally in the shape of the teacher with the pointy face. And an admirer in the shape of his father’s girlfriend’s daughter, Tiffany.

Next week: Gabriella Wark is back!

Sue H


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3 responses to “Waterloo Road: Be careful with Beyoncé!

  1. Are these virtual babies a ‘real’ invention? Presumably they are programmed to cry and wet themselves at certain times?

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