Holby City news: Henrik Hanssen and Oliver Valentine return!

hanssen4It’s the news that thousands of Holby City fans have been waiting for. It’s just been announced that Guy Henry is returning to Holby to reprise his role as Henrik Hanssen, the fabulously tall, enigmatic and looming Swedish former CEO and Director of Surgery. He’s looking forward to it, too:

“I’m so pleased to be reunited with Mr. Hanssen,” he says. “He’s such a weird and wonderful character to play – I’ve missed him! And the cast and crew at Holby are such fun to work with – I’ve missed them too. We don’t know what dark acts may have befallen Henrik during his time away in Sweden but I do believe that, when he looms down the corridors of Holby once more, his wit and his scalpel will be as incisive as ever! Can’t wait – see you on the ice!”

ollie-holby1In other excellent news, it’s also been revealed that James Anderson will be returning as Dr Oliver Valentine. Will he still be angry and bitter following the death of Tara, or will he have regained some of his sunny disposition? Most importantly, will his pig-ear-suturing and coin-juggling skills still be on point?

“I’m so thrilled to be given the opportunity to bring Ollie back to Holby,” he says. “There are lots of surprises in store, but one thing I can say: he’s older now – wiser, even – and I can’t wait to get stuck into playing this altogether more grown up Valentine to the one I left behind. Step up Oliver 2.0! Holby is a wonderful, nurturing family to return to, and I’m hugely excited.”

Also announcing the return of Kaye Wragg playing Essie, Executive Producer Oliver Kent and Series Producer Simon Harper told us,

“Essie was a big hit in her short stint with us earlier this year and so we were really keen to bring her back as soon as we can – finally it’s time to see if romance can happen for Sacha. He really deserves it.

“We were gutted when we lost James Anderson last year and we’ve been trying to persuade him to come back for a while. Finally the threats and thumb screws have paid off and the heart throb of Holby is coming back. He’s going to set someone’s heart a-flutter…

“And finally – HANSSEN IS BACK. The titan of Holby. We are thrilled to welcome Guy Henry back to the Holby family. We can’t wait to see how he gets on with Selfie…”

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11 responses to “Holby City news: Henrik Hanssen and Oliver Valentine return!

  1. Lizzo

    Woohoooo!!! That is all.

  2. Joy J Taylor

    Oh goody goody, love Holby!o

  3. Chloe Derbyshire

    That’s assuming Selfish is still in Holby by the time Hansen makes a return…

  4. The Divine Bebe

    The looming sushi gobbler has been much missed

  5. Presumably Selfie will move onto another hospital? However, I do hope Zosia stays – far more attractive than her father 😉

  6. Denise Hewson

    Now all we need is Joseph Byrne……….

  7. E

    Hanssen back! That’s the best news I’ve had all year!

  8. Eilis

    Sorry, that should have said “Eilis”

  9. mrssatan

    Could only be happier if Henrik turned up in my front room 😊

  10. I have had an awful year, knowing I got this to look forward to, fantastic. Wonder if he knows how many people are grinning because of this?

  11. MvOC

    I think viewers all heaved a sigh of relief at the news Hanssen was coming back! Hopefully we get to lose the dreadfully wooden Self now but I still hope Serena gets the top job! More Hanssen on the wards would be better.

    I’m on the fence about Ollie’s return, I’ve always gone through phases of liking him and not liking him. James is a fabulous actor but Angsty Ollie was a bit overdone, I don’t want him coming back just to be permanently miserable again!

    And I’m so glad Essie is coming back, not just because of the worrying nursing shortage at Holby! She better not break Sacha’s heart though!