Holby City: Sometimes people can surprise you

mo holby(Series 17, ep.3) Mo might be “Doctor Mo,” star of Radio Holby’s crowd-pleasing medical phone-in, but that’s not really where she wants to be career-wise. She wants to be Miss Effanga, Holby’s well-respected hot-shot CT surgeon. In the zone, but not, as Jac pointed out, “the comfort zone.”

So Mo did what CT surgeons seem to do when they have a point to prove – she decided to do a spot of risky, history-making, ninja-level surgery that makes everyone else go, “Surely you’re not going to try that?”

jesse mo holbyWas she over-reaching herself and putting her patient at risk? At one point in theatre even Mo thought so. It was the point at which the machines go beep and people start wanting to page Jac. What Mo needed at that point was a pep talk. Possibly a pep talk from a devilishly handsome anaesthetist who just happened to have pitched up on Darwin that very day. It was only Jesse, back to be a thorn in the side of Selfie, but more importantly for this episode, to help Mo believe in herself, carry on with the procedure and save the patient’s life (and buy him a surfboard afterwards). Career credentials restored, Mo resigned from her Doctor Mo job – from now on we must once again call her Miss Effanga.

jesse zosia holbyHow did Selfie and Zosia react to Jesse’s return (given that it was Jac’s idea and Selfie knew nothing about it)? Selfie unnerved his former bezzie mate by not yelling at him or punching him, while Zosia greeted Jesse with, “Please tell me you’re here with a ruptured spleen.” She looked somewhat rattled, but perhaps she’s moved on as she was picked up right at the end by a flashy man in a flashy Audi. It was none other than our favourite visiting American VIP, Michael Spence. Oh dear. This sort of thing has been on the cards since he and Zosia exchanged Meaningful Looks about ten minutes after he showed up at Holby.

sacha jac holbyThere was lots of fun on Keller with Fleur and Sacha. “She’s not the boss of me,” Sacha told Jac. “Yeah, but she is though,” said Jac. I love Jac and Sacha scenes.

Fleur is tiny, but she can loom almost as well as Henrik Hanssen and several times popped up behind someone just as they were saying something indiscreet. In a team that includes Dominic, indiscretion is not uncommon.

sacha fleur holbyTheir patient was Barbra (“Just the two A’s, like Streisand”) and she was one of these diagnostic puzzles that they often get. Sacha was determined that he and his little trio of juniors (“Doris, Digweed and The Girl With The Face-ache Tattoo” according to Fleur) would get to the bottom of this without Fleur’s interference, and eventually he did. Fleur, in a very rare move for a senior doctor at Holby, actually gave Sacha the credit for this. So a lovely new partnership could be flowering. “We’re like Butch and Sundance!” said Sacha. “You’re Sundance,” said Fleur. Robert Goldsbrough’s script was full of funny lines like that and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves enormously. There was even some comedy business with beanbag chairs.

Enjoyment was not on the menu in AAU (for the staff at least), where Serena had to deal with another crisis when Adrienne went missing from home and turned up at the hospital in her nightie, suffering from pneumonia. She was found in a confused state by Raf, heartbreakingly saying that she was late picking Serena up from school.

serena holbySerena at least has some support now. Her daughter Elinor turned up (Amy McCallum, who plays her, looks amazingly like Catherine Russell) and after a heart to heart with her mum in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery she’s planning to take time off from college to help look after granny. And Raf was so lovely I’m going to have to stop calling him Smug (typical – just when he started calling himself Smug as well). He offered to look after Adrienne so Serena could spend some time with her daughter.

Serena had been looking after a patient with a drink problem, who was reluctant to call his wife and let her know. Serena told him he should make the call. “Sometimes people can surprise you,” she told him. And she was right: Mo, Jesse, Sacha, Raf, Elinor – there were people behaving in surprising ways all over the hospital.

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2 responses to “Holby City: Sometimes people can surprise you

  1. Rose

    Love seeing Mo get her mojo back and delighted to have Jesse back – I think they could be my new favourite duo if he doesn’t get dragged into Zosia misery again.
    I’ve wanted to like Fleur, I thought she’d be fun but I’m struggling. I’m not sure what it is that’s putting me off. Perhaps they’ve tried to hard to make her quirky.
    Tonight’s Raf is the one I like – why did they have to ruin him with all that Amy nonsense? Why can’t we keep this version of Raf?!
    And new Elinor – what bloomin good casting! I kept thinking ‘wow they really look alike!’ So glad Serena has some back-up at last, she deserves a break.

  2. Chloe Derbyshire

    Something tells me that Zosia + Michael = Lulu Mark 2… Anyone else agree????? At least she’s got over Jesse though…

    Part if me wants to hate the Serena storyline right now, but I can’t because of the way it is being portrayed… And if only Raf could show that side of his character around Michael rather that the “Katniss seeing Peeta hijaked” (Sorry for the Hunger Games reference I just thought it seemed appropriate) version that he has been treated to lately.

    I do wish Jac would stop being a bitch around everyone who isn’t as qualified as she is… Fleur is so much like her in that respect (As Sacha rightly pointed out)

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