Keep It In The Family: Sunday silliness

embargoed_keep_it_in_the_family_tx01_02What do you get if you mix Paddy from Emmerdale, Colin Firth and spotted dick, throw in a bit of Miley Cyrus, combine a group of dirty minded pensioners and add a prize of a year’s supply of baked beans? No, this isn’t the start of one of my world renowned hilarious jokes but a fair enough summary of Bradley Walsh’s new Sunday night show, Keep It In The Family.

With the terminally declining and infuriating mammoth-turned-baby-elephant contest that is The X Factor and the thoroughly enjoyable but sleepy Downton Abbey, ITV’s schedule needed something lively and exciting to chase off the impending Monday blues and Keep It In The Family does a good job of fitting the bill. Admittedly, I spent the first ten minutes of the show sitting with my mouth agape in horror and my brain plaguing me with the question: ‘What the hell are you feeding me with?’ There is simply no getting away from the undeniable fact that Keep it In The Family is a hamfest of epic proportions; but once you get your head around it and realise that it is supposed to be that way, you can go on to embrace the cheesiness of the show and really enjoy it.

Bradley Walsh, as always with anything that he is in, is the main attraction of course. His sheer energy and wit; not forgetting his unbeatable ‘trying-not-to-crease-with-laughter’ face makes him an ideal presenter for something like this. The show is packed with silly games such as dressing up as celebrities and racing towards a button and attaching members of the public to spinning wheels booby trapped with fireworks and, while these moments will undoubtedly be enjoyable to the children watching, the highlight for me was just watching Bradley do what he does best and having cheeky chats with the public and, best of all, a group of grannies.

The segment of the show where he sits with pensioners as they try to give contestants clues to anything from singers to dubiously named desserts works a treat; and I could have easily have watched a full hour of that. The cheekiness of Bradley is matched by the mischievous OAPs and my worries for the show after it’s shaky opening were dissipated.

The show eventually builds towards one family, headed by a sadistic child who loves nothing more than sending celebrities plummeting down holes in the floor, trying to find the best prize among six and rescuing the celebrity holding it from a trapdoor terror trip. The prizes ranged from space hoppers and beans to cruises and cars and, from a family of mixed generations, my initial thrill was seeing if they’d fight over which prize was best.

The show does everything but take itself seriously, which is what a casual Sunday night viewer really wants. You don’t need your brain switched on, and you really must suspend judgement when you first see it as it is genuinely over the top; but I came to really enjoy it by the end.

But what did you think of Bradley’s latest offering in his quest to take over television? Did you enjoy it or would you pull the lever on it? Let us know using the comments box below. In the meantime, get onto Twitter and follow me for more news, views and reviews…else I’ll be sending you on a trip down the Keep It In The Family pits. Link:

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  1. Hazel athey

    Loved every minute of Bradley and the oldies they were hilarious good hours viewing . And well done Duncan good work x