Wentworth Prison: All choked up

franky-lynches-beaWhat is the main lesson that we have learned since episode one of Wentworth? Is it that you should never let Bea Smith loose in a stationery shop when they’re running a promotion on biros? Could it be that anyone who wears leather gloves to work is, by default, a psychopath? Maybe it’s that taking a shower is likely to get you attacked in some brutal way, every single time?

No, the lesson is simple. Never mess with Franky Doyle. People such as Jacs Holt and Simmo learned that the hard way but, now that there’s a ‘dobber’ in the mix (that’s a snitch to those unfamiliar with Aussie lingo), Franky’s rage knows no bounds, and she spent the entirety of the episode trying to flush out the person who has been feeding Joan Ferguson titbits of drug related information.

We of course know that well meaning Liz was manipulated into parting with the information by the cruel Fergy; who in turn used it to carry out Simmo’s dispatch. While Liz’s heart is always in the right place and she was just looking out for the women she has spent so much time with; she made a fatal error in trusting Joan, who wasted little time in taunting Franky that she had an informant in her midst.

As Franky stormed around the facility, throwing suspects into giant dryers, Ferguson spent time grooming Bea as the next top dog to overthrow Ms Doyle. At first, Bea was not interested but, when she became Franky’s top target and ended up being throttled to within an inch of her life, Bea realised that she was sick of being pushed around.

Franky meanwhile, soon discovered that Liz had betrayed her when she came clean, unable to watch anyone else take the retribution for what she did. And Franky’s reaction wasn’t as violent as one would have expected. It was worse; the betrayal seemed to crush her and push any fight out of her as the one person she would never have suspected would have been Liz. A dejected Liz, who is on the verge of release, was left feeling rather bad about herself as she was moved to protection for the remainder of her sentence; a sad way indeed for a Wentworth staple to end her time in the show.

Meanwhile, having offed her irritating mother, ‘Vinegar Tits’ Vera had become Joan’s mini me and was parading around Wentworth like a soldier of the SS. Her hair pulled back into Fergy’s trademark officious bun and a cool, tough tone when she spoke made it clear that Vera mark two was not to be messed with. She even succeeded in getting Sky to pick up some litter.

In other news, Doreen struggled to keep her pregnancy a secret, especially after Vera came across a cleverly discarded pregnancy test. This left us treated to many scenes of prisoners urinating but so far Doreen has escaped notice. The preview for next week however, suggests that she won’t evade detection for long. For now, Vera’s suspicions rest on Jessica, whom she caught stroking Fletch’s hobo stubble.

wentworth8.5And finally, troubled Maxine was sporting a very fetching tea cosy after losing her wig in her recent escape attempt. It may not be hitting the fashion stores anytime soon; but it certainly perked her up a little.

If only a tea cosy could solve the other problems bubbling away under the surface of Wentworth Prison. It’s all about to explode…

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3 responses to “Wentworth Prison: All choked up

  1. Davosp

    Why does Ferguson want to frame Will for Doreen’s baby? Have I missed something totally obvious?

    Great commentary btw!

  2. Davosp

    Ah you’ve already answers my question in your more recent post – cheers Duncan!