Coronation Street: Cheerio now Peter!

soaps-corrie-8495-2Peter Barlow is guilty of a lot of things such as bigamy, cheating, being somewhat of an unreliable father, heavy drinking and looking a bit like Al Pacino. But one thing he is not guilty of, unless you’re on the jury deciding his fate, is murder. In true soap fashion it was therefore inevitable that he would be convicted, much to the dismay of Ken, Tracy and Carla and to the short lived relief of true killer Rob Donovan.

Rob has blood and fake tan on his hands and, despite Peter now being officially framed for the crime, he is falling apart at the seams. And Carla, who has dealt with her fair share of liars and killers in her recent history, is beginning to smell a rat. Why is Rob so sure Peter is guilty and why does he hate him so much? Why, at the same time, is he assuring young Simon that his dad hasn’t done anything wrong? And why is he constantly looking shifty and sneaking covert looks of menace at the cameras at every opportunity? These puzzle pieces are beginning to slot together for Carla who, now more than ever, knows that her incarcerated husband is innocent.

The same can’t be said for the rest of the locals, with Eileen commenting that if Peter didn’t want to do the time, he shouldn’t have done the crime (forgetting that much of Weatherfield had her accused of killing Fireman Paul’s wife Lesley with a toaster), Foghorn Fiz claiming to have known Peter was guilty all along (forgetting that she stood trial wrongly accused of the murders of John Stape’s victims) and Gail suggesting that justice has now been done for Tina (forgetting that she once stood trial falsely accused of killing her husband Joe).


Peter Barlow in happier times

The aftermath of the verdict hit poor Steve hard too, as he felt partially responsible for his best friend’s fate due to his bad performance on the stand. Elsewhere, Tracy was lashing out at anyone she could find (nothing new there, granted), Ken was understandably deflated that he had wasted money on party food for Peter’s tea and Simon decided that he wanted to change his name from Barlow as he no longer wanted to be associated with his dad. At least Beth was enjoying the scandal though, when she wasn’t talking wedding fashion and trains with Roy.

Speaking of Roy, he is suffering a great deal at the moment too as the bullying he is facing from a gang of youths is leaving him feeling more vulnerable and lonely than ever. So much so, that he even resorted to two trips to the pub in the company of Beth and Fiz, which would be a nightmare for anyone, let alone someone like Roy. It seems the writers are having a wonderful time heaping yet more misery on poor Roy, but it gives the amazing David Neilson another chance to show what he is made of. In an episode centring on a trial of the show’s biggest storyline last year, Roy managed to steal the show with David’s heartbreaking and endearing performances. Now that Carla knows her good friend was burgled, I’m looking forward to the scenes where she will no doubt come to his aid. I’ve said it before, but this soap friendship is pure gold and almost worth losing Hayley for.

There was more bad news across the cobbles too as Liz was informed that Jim could be moving to an open prison, which would leave him free to come and visit, so it would. If Liz wasn’t impressed with this; Steve was even less so, vowing to march to the prison to confront Jim about this. It’s more stress that Steve, who is quickly reaching pressure point, doesn’t need, and his dad could be about to find himself in the well deserved firing line.

Gail and Michael came home with exciting tales and photographs of their trip away, but Kylie was more interested in her foil wrapped speed, which she took out of her bag to stare at at every available opportunity. And finally, Owen and Anna were officially looking for a new home which worries me intensely as  a ‘To Let’ sign has gone up outside the neighbouring house to me.

Did you enjoy last night’s Corrie? What do you think will happen next in Tina’s murder saga? Your thoughts are welcomed, as always, below. Meanwhile, give me a follow on Twitter for further news and views.

Until then, cheerio now!

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6 responses to “Coronation Street: Cheerio now Peter!

  1. Brilliant review – I loved the list of the many, many people who’ve been wrongly accused in the past. It doesn’t leave many who haven’t had their day in court, does it?


    Good round up of the Corrie Felons

  3. I saw a spoiler about the Nazir family moving into the Street. I reckon they’ll buy Owen’s house and the Armstrong/Windasses will move into Dev’s flat over the shop or over the new community centre because you know they won’t go far. Hmm Peter Barlow’s flat over the betting shop is going to be empty too.

  4. It doesn’t really Sue! It has become a staple of the Corrie justice system that the wrong person is jailed first.

    Kwerty: Thanks!

    Tvor: I could very well be wrong, but it’s my understanding that Roy buys Owen and Anna’s house for them.

  5. Erin

    Couldn’t agree more about Carla & Roy’s friendship, and how Nielson’s performance steals the show! I’m new to your blog, like it very much!