Casualty webisode: Radio Holby

louise noel casualtyThe latest little offshoot of Holby City is a pair of stand-alone web dramas, featuring Casualty receptionist Noel (Tony Garcia) as he decides to start a hospital radio broadcast. The idea for the episodes came from team researcher Ross Southard, who also wrote the second episode.

In the first of the two, which you can see here, Noel and Louise (Azuka Oforka) blow the dust off the long neglected hospital radio equipment. “I didn’t know we had a hospital radio,” Louise says, but that hospital is just crammed full of disused and secret rooms so she shouldn’t really be surprised. There’s probably a fully functioning funfair hidden in the basement somewhere.

It’s only a few minutes long and is quite fun – and worth a look for yet another touching tribute to dear Jeff.

Part two will be available to view after Saturday’s episode.

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One response to “Casualty webisode: Radio Holby

  1. thebigmart

    The mixer board looked realistic, but too much for a hospital radio station, and the headphones were good. The rest ….. pass 😉

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