Emmerdale: That’s Charity for you…

soaps-emmerdale-6997-11Another week, another thump on the head for Charity, the schemer with a noggin so resilient it can only be empty. Emmerdale celebrates it’s birthday week in it’s traditional way; by putting a central character in mortal peril.

To get you up to speed, everyone is shocked because Charity, a renowned liar, cheater and money grabber, has been lying, cheating and grabbing money. Declan has chosen to reveal these misdeeds in two very unique ways; firstly by holding a gun to his sister and declaring the truth to the entire clan of tricked Dingles and secondly by releasing his first of what I hope will be many DVDs. It was a gripping watch, and Declan had ordered several copies, which Amazon delivered to Charity’s family, friends, foes, solicitor and the police.

It’s needless to say she was now in hot water and needed to take a break from the village which hates her (more than before I mean.) Before she could get very far, however, she had been intercepted on a country road and walloped to the ground by a baseball bat wielding hoodie which no doubt conceals someone we know very well.

But just who has added a bump to Charity’s increasingly lumpy head? I line up the potential suspects below…


medium_4ZY2VoZS4Nbj7FZs6EQT9ZZH2L7fFL3dfbWKH2Mf8k0He has more lives than a cloned cat; fires, lakes and anchors have yet to stop him so could he be back to pop the final nail in Charity’s coffin? After all, he has nothing left to lose. It would be hard to find someone who hates Charity with quite as much psychotic passion and we already know Declan is a dab hand with blunt instruments where Charity’s skull is concerned.


Has anyone lost more than Megan during this whole sorry (but exciting) tale? Her brother has officially lost every last remaining marble he had rattling about and her son was sent to the bottom of a lake with a chest full of flare so it’s fair to say that Megan could have a bit of a grudge to bear. Perhaps she stands no chance of overcoming her grief until Charity has paid the price with the thing she treasures the most: herself.


medium_HKHkDOWyx5wkSucZKB82fcCaWYnbWgBuwYpkv-jI3VYHe might run Yorkshire’s premier toffee factory, but there’s been nothing sweet about Jai since he lost contact with baby Archie. Now, Jai knows that Charity was fully to blame for this, he has threatened revenge. Is Charity about to get her just desserts courtesy of candy king Jai?


Sam’s rightfully upset; he lost everything thanks to Charity and he knows more than anyone what a good punishment a bumpmedium_DJ2v5ulV8IzRnKy7KHlAJ0TJuiCxuSoISVjnb388n6U on the head can do, given that he clearly had one in his childhood. However, as much as Sam might deserve his time in the vengeance spotlight, I can’t quite see him having the cunning to even cover his face with a hooded jacket, let alone execute a masterful kidnapping scheme.


medium_yMSMNoOYW88kFLPJmxIyn-g1tG9Wbo_Lja3HqTDgFdYThere’s never been any love lost between Cain and Charity; their passionate relationship either scaling the heights of lust or plummeting to the depths of violence. They are certainly in one of their ‘off’ periods at the moment but, after enduring a head injury himself after upsetting all of the Dingles, I’d like to think the newly reformed Cain would be a bit more subtle and original with his revenge plot. Would Cain risk his new life with Moira? Well, probably, but as much as Cain hates Charity right now, I don’t think he’d want to see her hurt in this way.


Debbie’s not had a shortage of violence in her life so, like the sweaty browed unsocial kid that spends 18 hours a day on medium_wQ4PxsRXvB5a5s8bFuYHnh_Lh-qXNpMu4XwqBJwQdf8Grand Theft Auto, could she be practising the acts that she herself has witnessed until now? Perhaps she has seen what Charity has done and wants her to experience real terror, like she felt at the hands of Cameron. It would be a little sick of her to offer to babysit Noah and then go and abduct his mum, but when has Debbie’s mind ever functioned without the slightest hint of insanity?


medium_f-mZzZnzzYJbAP2CulH9haPz1P5qvx_VkAlMJI0iyFAPerhaps word has got to Rachel via Declan that Charity has been exposed and it’s safe now to bring Archie back? On her way home to see Sam, rage builds in Rachel over what Charity has put her through and she decides that her nemesis can’t get away with it. It’s plausible and, more than anything, that hoodie that the attacker was wearing was totally Rachel’s style.


He’s done it before; thumping a family member over the head is Zak’s very personal method of Dingle discipline so could he medium_JCEYgCrdQdMlOjjs_k1oXBm6vEpVkY9vRoHoj7K7C6Qhave dished out a similar punishment to Charity? The attacker didn’t really have Zak’s build, and the energy they showed in bounding over the stile would have been quite impressive for a man in his 60s currently being fed a diet of leaves but Zak has been driven to extremes before. Mind you, after what he went through in the aftermath of Cain’s attack, I’d have hoped he’d have learned his lesson by now


medium_iHN-JpUPyBol1m0ZfYgdvT00YVNE_WIN23cVgd4zOqUChas is probably feeling a little smug right now. After Charity launched a vendetta against her when she slept with Cameron and made her the ostracised Dingle of a couple of years ago, the tables have well and truly turned. But is that enough? Perhaps Chas wants Charity to suffer that little bit more and, to really make it up to the family she nearly lost, she prepares to exact revenge on behalf of them all…


Jimmy doesn’t have a malicious bone in his body but there is only one blonde woman who is allowed to speak to him like dirt medium_R2hDs4cbSyTzC63LjZ_uEFv2FldpPPkBRbuslTgwLY0and he married her. By abandoning their business, Charity is adding more troubles onto an already stressed Jimbo’s plate and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think he might be finally about to snap. After years of Charity’s scheming and snideness, will Jimmy have a personality transplant and turn into violent captor? Nah, probably not.


medium_pgCVvLRcys3JAxLlxGowo5ePiua7eolM5lgOWG7UboMAli has been a bit uncharacteristically quiet over this whole Rachel thing, but we know enough to be aware she is not happy at all with Charity. She has a hard edge to her character and, while she’s not your typical Emmerdale psycho, perhaps she just wants to scare Charity into revealing Rachel’s whereabouts. Plus, Charity’s blood wouldn’t show up all that clearly on her many chequered shirts, so she might just get away with it.


Sometimes as a gossip, you have to create the gossip and you don’t get better scandal fodder than Charity. Pearl is terrifiedmedium_GYxQT3eJL7oxTNsHSi7o5Tr4jCiPR4cRjbL88m44tNo at the thought of Charity leaving the village and taking away oodles of juicy goss with her. She only has one choice. Don a hoodie, veer a car across a country road and wallop Charity over the head with a bat. You heard it here first.


medium_h66oJ16owL6WwtO1kIJIsHPhrZysv6LIfRFVEkEp3nEOkay, possibly not all that likely considering his ribcage has a hole burned through it and he is currently residing underground but this IS Emmerdale. Kim Tate came back from the dead and if Declan survived about five deaths, why can’t Robbie do the same? Okay, he’s not exactly the Terminator, but how sweet would that revenge be?


Rishi is currently harbouring Emmerdale’s darkest soul. We saw it almost explode out at Rakesh when he ‘jilted’ Priya. Could medium_MO_trUcXZH6LNdgaTccRtIhAaUjhtEAjSZcIcJ9W78othe ticking timebomb that is Rishi be about to strike again and become Emmerdale’s most terrifying villain to date? Stranger things have happened.

Who do you think is Charity’s secret attacker? Let me know your thoughts below and join me for more chat on all things TV on Twitter by following me here: https://twitter.com/Our_manPLA

Written By Our Man In The North

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