Casualty: Our hero

charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.6) To throw the loss of Jeff into terrible and heart-breaking perspective, his beautiful teeth were front and centre in many of the scenes in this episode. Not just his teeth, obviously – that would be very macabre indeed. And a bit sick. But the many photographs of him at the funeral, in lockers, at the wake etc, all showcased the former nicest pearly whites in the NHS.

The funeral itself was genuinely moving. For once there wasn’t the usual scene where someone tries to give a eulogy, gets overcome with tears and the eulogy has to be finished by someone else. Jamie (who’d jetted in from Australia) and Dixie (who’d come direct from answering a shout to a rubbish dump) gave lovely speeches, and then all the paramedics held up their radios so someone in the control room could add one last call to Paramedic Collier before signing him off for the last time. There was even a faithful dog to watch the coffin make its final journey.  

dixie iain tamzin casualtyAs well as Jamie’s appearance, there was another old face in the form of paramedic Iain. We’ll be seeing more of him, as Dixie’s given him his old job back. Not only is he a decent paramedic, but he was able to give Dixie some wise pre-funeral words that made her realise that her relationship with Jeff had been special and she had every right to “play the grieving widow.” On the subject of which, I liked how Dixie and Tamzin were so careful of each other’s feelings and each acknowledged the other’s place in Jeff’s life.

Fletch sent a card of condolence and his apologies, which was a nice cross-reference to the mention Jeff’s death got on Holby. And Ethan put a suit on over his bandages and managed to get to the crematorium and back without bursting any stitches.

honey casualtyConnie had to dash off to daughter Grace’s boarding school, as Grace (who must be about 7 now?) has just been expelled, but she paid for the drinks at the wake. And in among all this, Holby City A&E has acquired another new staff member. The wonderful, funny Chelsee Healey (Waterloo Road‘s Janeece) has joined the cast as a “barrister.” That’s what she told Big Mac, anyway. It’s the person who works the coffee machine, she explained. And she reads auras. It didn’t take her long to get her hands on Max’s aura (well, you would, wouldn’t you?) and discover he has an underlying sadness. For the avoidance of doubt, he stared sadly at a photo of Dr Zoe Hanna, who only moments before had been getting high praise from Donny Osmond on Strictly Come Dancing.

And it was left to Charlie to raise a glass and toast Jeff – “Our hero.”

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  1. Dreamer

    I really wouldn’t mind helping Rainsford/Hardy in and out of his clothes. 😛

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