Wentworth Prison: The gloves are off

BzggHz-IMAAGJRFWhen you go to a party and make a complete moron of yourself on the dancefloor (or, in my case, become the next John Travolta) there is always that one guest who stands at the side, watching everything closely, and drinking everything in so that they can remind you for days to come of all the foolish things you did or said. Add in a dash of sadism, a spoonful of manipulation and a pair of black leather gloves, and this pretty much sums up the role of Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson at Wentworth Correctional Facility. She has every inmate and officer as puppets on strings which only she can delicately operate, and no matter how secretive things are, Joan will always know what’s going on and use it to her advantage.

She is deliciously wicked and beautifully twisted; everything and more that the original Joan was in Prisoner Cell Block H. The imperial stride, the efficient bun, the smooth, threatening, soft tones of voice, the small smiles and the subtle malice are all delivered to perfection by the outstanding Pamela Rabe. Joan has been busy setting Fletch and Will against each other in a long running attempt to get Fletch out of her employment and has also been moulding Vera into her perfectly obedient sidekick, but this week she focused her attentions on manipulating the prisoners in her ‘care’.  

Simmo had found herself in an impossible situation. Bea, to whom she owed her life, needed a contact to help her get revenge on the dastardly Brayden for good. But, Brayden himself has Simmo’s daughter at his ruthless mercy and the only way for her to keep Bzgf7J5IIAAIUuPhim sweet was to kill off her only ally, Bea. It’s kind of like trying to decide between having a cake or a biscuit, although admittedly a little more serious.

Meanwhile, Franky continued to desperately smuggle in drugs for her clamouring subjects who needed their next fix. The creepy gardening supplier guy who has so far been paid off by Boomer lip action, had a very special offer for Franky which involved a substance boasting a huge hit for its users; but it came at a price. Unfortunately for him, he was the one who ended up paying it. After he violently attempted to have his wicked way with Franky (never a good idea), he ended up with a gardening fork in the groin, which must have surely killed his mood for it.

As Franky was bundled away into confinement, Boomer went for her finest moment and secured the drugs before Vera discovered the hiding place in the shed. Little did Boomer know, however, that courtesy of the puppet master Joan herself, Liz has been having an attack of conscience over the drugs recently, which led to her secretly reporting Boomer’s possession. The drugs were now in Joan’s hands, Boomer was facing an extra 7 years, Franky was even closer to being dethroned and morale was at an all time low.

While these shenanigans were underway, Simmo had made an attempt to kill Bea, only to realise that she could not go through with it. She then tried to make contact with the man who could deal with Brayden but was blocked by… you guessed it, Joan again. With her options running low, Simmo was all set to frazzle Bea with a buzz she would never forget, but before we knew it, Simmo was nothing more than a corpse with a drugs needle sticking out of her arm.

This left Franky’s reputation at an all time low for another inmate being killed by the drug supply, it got Bea off the hook and ready to claim the Top Dog title and it left Fletch in more hot water as he received the blame for Simmo having access to the drugs in the first place.

‘Yep,’ thought Joan as she silkily removed her leather gloves after another day of hard work. ‘Everyone is just where I want them!’

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And finally, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my official site picture editor, Jaymie, who very graciously provided me with the images used in this post.

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