Coronation Street: Deirdre is a trifle upset

Coronation-Street-WK41Deirdre doesn’t have much luck with desserts does she? I still have fond memories of Gail giving her a faceful of Manchester tart (I’m referring to the cream filled delicacy here; not Leanne) but last night, it was her famous trifle that was creating a mess, as recent pressures took their toll and she pulverised her pudding against the Barlow front room wall.

At first, I thought Deirdre’s fit of temper was a result of her anguish at the state of recent Corrie storylines such as Tyrone falling through his attic floor and Neil and Tim getting stuck on roofs. But it turns out that this whole Peter business has affected Deirdre more than anyone realised and as Tracy, Rob, Carla and Ken bickered over the imminent trial across the dinner table, unset jelly and a lack of hundreds and thousands sprinkles pushed Deirdre over the edge. In a cataclysmic pandemonium of watery jelly, wobbly custard (unsprinkled) and soggy sponge, the evening’s dessert was thrown against the wall and Ken finally realised just how stressed his poor wife had become.  

It isn’t just Deirdre who is feeling the pressure as Peter’s trial approaches. As good as she is at putting up a strong front, Carla isn’t relishing the prospect of taking the stand in court next week, and Rob, the true killer of the much missed bronzed bombshell Tina, isn’t helping with his own increasingly anxious behaviour. So sick of hearing about the trial (and let’s face it, we can all empathise with that one), Rob took his frustrations out on Roy, who is yet another who is struggling to cope with the thought of being a witness for the prosecution. I was very proud of Carla when she stood up for her new best pal Roy after Rob’s outburst; the best thing to come out of Hayley’s tragic death is Roy and Carla’s beautiful friendship.

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Alya was giving Gary the cold shoulder. So convinced by his own attractiveness and irresistibility, Gary refused to believe that Alya didn’t have feelings for him but, either way he’s had the brush off…for now. Speaking of brush offs, Liz responded to her recent dumping courtesy of Tony by dressing up in the best mismatching loud outfit she could find and heading out clubbing with Eileen and Julie. My final observation was that it was very apt that the episode aired on a wet Wednesday as that’s exactly what Kylie’s face resembled for the entire episode where she went from one strop to another. And, upliftingly, this is just the beginning…

What did you make of Deirdre’s Dessert Disaster? And are you looking forward to the imminent trial episodes? Let us know your thoughts using the comments box below. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, if you have any kind of soul:

Written By Our Man In The North 

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