Holby City: The girl’s wired

zosia holby(Series 16, ep. 52These Holby wet labs are entirely unregulated. If you want to appropriate one for your own personal use and stick post it notes all over it and have a prog rock freak-out, then go ahead. That’s what it’s there for, and that’s where Dr Digby found Zosia, full of manic energy and having worked out the secret to something or other that will surely see her as cover star of the Lancet sometime soon. If they have cover stars.  

zosia digby holbyHer behaviour round patients (and colleagues) was as confrontational and bizarre as ever. She’s been getting away with it, but not this time. The patient was Colette’s old mate Sophie, and while Sophie was blonde, she was most certainly not Blonde. “Can’t you see there’s something wrong with her?” she said to Colette. “The girl’s wired.” Sophie had a brain problem, which is Selfie’s area of expertise, but Sophie was wary of letting him operate on her. “You can’t even see your own daughter’s running wild and you want me to trust me with your life?” This is the kind of truth-saying that Holby could do with more of (I can just imagine what Dr Frieda Petrenko would have made of Zosia. And, indeed, Selfie). Sophie even identified that Colette is in love with the charm-free CEO, despite Colette having spent the last several weeks flirting with Fletch.

zosia colette holbyWas it her love of Selfie that made Colette substitute her own blood for Zosia’s when a drugs test was needed? Digby and Dominic finally ’fessed up about the time Zosia overdosed, and in a tearful encounter on one of Holby’s many mysterious outdoor walkways, Zosia admitted to Colette that she’d taken an enlivener the evening before. I can’t help thinking Colette’s actions were seriously misguided (or mis-Guy-ded) and it’s all going to come back to bite her. Guy is still in denial about his daughter’s health and despite Colette’s efforts he literally shut her out of the charmed axis that is the Family Self.

elliot adele holbySomeone else who was getting doors shut in her face, though more metaphorically this time, was Jac Naylor in her attempts to hold out an olive branch to Prof Hope. He was all excited about a new invention. It’s not another Herzig, it’s something quite new, and he wants to keep Jac’s “grubby little fingers” off it. I’m sure she was trying to help rather than steal it when she told Selfie about it, and he agreed to let Elliot present a proposal for funding to him. Elliot, however, has his New Bezzie Mate, the ever-present Adele. As soon as she was finished serving breakfasts, she was apparently free for the rest of the day to hover around the Prof, bolstering his ego, calling in favours from a range of expert mates and revealing pitching skills that would have Duncan Bannatyne reaching for his wallet if she was to ever go on Dragons’ Den, and negotiation skills that would have Lord Sugar telling her she was hired. “I have a valve replacement at six. Perhaps you’d like to have a go at that, too,” sighed Jac.

Two good things to report about AAU. The first was a very nice mention of Jeff, who perished so spectacularly a couple of days ago on Casualty. Harry gave his condolences to Fletch, who of course worked with Jeff for a long time. I do like it when we get glimpses that it’s all the same hospital really. And I do miss Jeff.

mary claire holbyThe other lovely thing was the return of the magnificent Mary-Claire, who’d hardly set foot on the ward before she’d worked out the whole Smug/Posh/Barf triangle, including pointing out to Harry that statistically it was much more likely that the baby was his. This prompted him to run off and tell Dr Amy Teo that he wanted a DNA test to find out if the baby might be a little bit Posh.

And that, dear readers, concludes Series 16. It’s been a roller-coaster ride, hasn’t it?

Next time: It’s Series 17 – and Michael Spence is back!

Advertorial PS – The episode was called True Colours, and I wrote a book called that.


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16 responses to “Holby City: The girl’s wired

  1. wiggles

    I can’t believe Guy is being so obtuse – I mean I know love is blind but seriously??? Also, not really getting the whole Colette loves Guy thing either (partly because I can’t imagine anyone loving him he’s just so odious [have always assumed he wasn’t so bad before his wife died which might explain him being married at all], partly because Colette seems far to sensible and also because, although this might just be me missing it, I’ve never noticed anything even remotely like that between them)

    And Adele didn’t EVEN finish giving out the breakfasts – because obviously it’s far more important that Prof Hope shows her a battery(!) than that the sick people, who haven’t eaten since last night, and who she is paid to assist (it’s even in her job title) get some food!!!

    I also liked the Jeff mention but don’t suppose the ‘Casualty and Holby City are set in the same hospital’ vibe will stretch as far as to allow him to attend the funeral on Sat (and I get the whole Tess thing but he could sneak in just before it starts and leave as soon as it finishes)

  2. HolbyNut

    I do miss Jac and Elliot being buddies.
    And as for Adele pitching a new idea about some brand new heart device….please, there’s artistic license and then there’s just nonsense. Though did think PLA’s reference to Dragon’s Den was v funny.

  3. Rose

    Worst series finale ever! Colette loves Selfie. Yawn. I really think Holby City’s TPTB did Louise Delamere a massive disservice with this character. Reminds me of the way Gemma was handled last year; a potentially interesting, independent female character whose development was effectively strangled by tying her to storylines involving a wooden and charmless male character. And yet Self and Harry go on to bore another day, whilst Colette (just when she starts to seem like a real person) and Gemma (who just dwindled into nothingness) are out.

    The handling of the Zosia storyline is bordering dangerously close to Hollyoaks “drama” now. As for Adele and Elliot – give me a break! And every time Amy appears on screen I start hoping for a Looney Tunes-esque anvil to fall from the sky!

    I’m sad to say I think this show has run it’s course.

  4. mrssatan

    Guy Self; a man so wrapped up in his own self-importance; a man so blinded by his manipulation of others for his own gain; he shouldn’t be in charge of an ant farm let alone a hospital!

    • So true. Henrik Hanssen managed to run a hospital and nurse an injured bird back to health, and still had time for some world-class looming. That’s what I call a CEO.

      • mrssatan

        Shame that Guy can’t meet an unpleasant end at the hands of a psychotic patient… and Henrik comes looming back to show them all how running a hospital SHOULD be done!

  5. Eilis

    Not Jac’s biggest fan but I too hope she and Elliot can patch things up.
    Lovely to see Mary-Claire back. I hope they’ll use her properly from now on. Even when she was made a series regular she never got the sort of screen-time Adele does. Why not?

    I can’t abide Harry and Amy. I’ve a soft spot for Raf because I’ve liked Joe McFadden since Take the High Road and The Crow Road. Btw that’s Jimmy Chisolm playing the rock star, he used to be a regular in Take the High Road. Played Jimmy Blair who was the village boy best friends with posh Fiona iirc.

    In one of Raf’s earliest episodes he mentioned a wife. I thought “Oh, good, an off-screen wife. I hope this can be a happy, long-standing relationship”. I should have known better. It’s why a small part of me would rather Mr T didn’t become a regular because that’s the end of any possibility of a permanent happy personal life for him!

  6. holbylover819

    “It’s in the embryonic stage really” says prof Hope. Embryonic?! You have a battery taped to a heart model! That’s pre-embryonic.

  7. Chloe Derbyshire

    Mis-Guy-ded, really???? That joke was awful, same can’t be said about the review though, so yey. However, joking aside, I think you might actually have a point about Collette there…

    Anyone else think that Jac and Selfish are going to steal this new project off Elliot, personally I’d give it another two or three weeks in Elliot’s hands at the most and then Selfish will decide that that needs a younger model too…

    As for AAU, nice touch with the Jeff reference, I really think that needs to happen more often. I also think that Raf is gonna need to tread carefully now that one of his lies has been exposed… I dread to think what would happen if Harry ever found out the real reason he didn’t get onto UCLA…

  8. I think Colette is starting to realise that Guy doesn’t seem to care about ANYTHING apart from himself. I don’t even think he cares about Zosia, really.
    Much like his insistence that she needed to pass her year no matter what, I think his covering for her this time is just so that it doesn’t reflect badly on HIM. He’s refusing to get her the proper help, and is letting her mental health deteriorate further and further just so that his own reputation is unharmed.
    He’s an odious, odious man, and this all makes me reflect on the fact that he apparently ignored Zosia for eight (I think) months following his wife’s death, as she’s mentioned before. He’s tried to convince us that he was just SO broken up at that point, but it’s looking more and more like he just didn’t give a stuff for his daughter’s feelings, or anything apart from himself.

  9. Thunderchild

    Whenever Selfie appears I find myself hoping for Leslie Ash to come back!