EastEnders: Someone please look at Linda

linda eastendersI bet I wasn’t the only person who spent last night’s EastEnders episode willing any member of the Carter family to just look at Linda. Properly look at her. She was practically catatonic – no makeup, still in her slippers, no trace of her usual sparkle and peppiness. “Mum’s hungover,” said the kids. “I need you with me today, L,” said Mick. To be fair to Mick, he was a tad distracted by the disappearance of his “sister” Shirley, who’d done a runner after shooting Phil Mitchell. “It’s not like she’s my mother,” he said to Dean. Oh, the dramatic irony. But Mick, who loves Linda to bits, still wasn’t looking at her. Not properly. Because if he was, he’d have seen that she was suffering and she needed him and she wanted him to just stop for a moment so she could tell him why.  

Aunt Babe did pause for a second to wonder why Linda looked so rough (she’d just had a text from Dean, still acting as though they had a normal encounter), and just for a second she looked like she might tell her. She might have told Nancy as well at one point, but those moments all passed and by the end of the episode Linda was forced to endure a chirpy family meal. Then Dean arrived and pulled up a chair next to her and it was too much. She walked out into the Square and we left her there, alone and panicking.

Back at Walford General we discovered Phil Mitchell, alive but feeling like he’s been shot, on account of him just having been shot. Sharon was wearing most of the contents of Phil’s circulatory system on her wedding dress, although she had taken the time to remove her makeup. And Tina still hasn’t forgiven Tosh for letting the turkey baster loaded by Dean anywhere near her. When the truth comes out about what Dean has done, Tina will be even less impressed. If only someone would look at Linda…


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3 responses to “EastEnders: Someone please look at Linda

  1. mrssatan

    No, you definitely weren’t the only one. I was incredibly frustrated with the whole Carter clan, and couldn’t understand why they all appeared to be wandering around with their heads up their backsides.

  2. mrssatan

    In addition to my previous post; poor Linda is totally cut off from her support network. She can’t tell her family, everything at home reminds her of what has happened and, thanks to the Sharon/Phil/Shirley drama triangle, she hasn’t even got a best mate to turn to.

    Very impressed with Kellie Bright

  3. holbylover819

    Can’t you see she’s not hungover! was the reaction in my household too. This is chilling and I really felt for Linda.
    On a separate note, Phil’s blood could only have been an improvement on that wedding dress as it could not posssibly get any worse.