Emmerdale: Water way to go!

This article contains SPOILERS for those who have not yet seen Thursday 25th September’s episodes

Well, it was all flaring up in Emmerdale tonight wasn’t it? Declan was really digging a hole for himself and some could even soaps-emmerdale-charity-declan-macey-boot-2say he was in too deep. Enough puns? So what is the latest in Emmerdale’s big week, scheduled cunningly in the final days of voting for the Inside Soap Award for Best Soap?

Declan had just given Charity a face full of his meat tenderiser and now had what he thought was a dead body on his hands. Meanwhile, wrongly accused Megan and the eternally hapless but endearing Robbie were slowly (and I mean very slowly; he was able to dig an entire grave in the time it took them to arrive) on Declan’s trail.

This was Emmerdale’s gripping take on Cape Fear as Declan went from short tempered businessman to full blown psycho. Bundling Charity into a car boot in what must rank as one of her most uncomfortable car journeys of all time (except perhaps the ones she might have experienced in her prostitute days), he sped off into the woods to bury his deceitful wife. However, Charity, as always, had the knack of putting her Size 9s right in it; this time the ‘it’ was Declan’s face as he opened the boot.  

And thus the game of cat and mouse continued, with Charity managing to keep escaping an increasingly insane Declan, who managed to keep catching up with her despite following her at a casual stroll. The struggle went from middle of nowhere cottage, to woodland, to graveside and finally to a deserted lake, as Emmerdale ticked off the horror movie cliches enthusiastically. She’s never been the brightest bulb in the box, but even Charity should have remembered from siege week that taking the fight to water was never going to end well. Nevertheless, she took off in a dinghy, which promptly broke down in the middle of the lake.

soaps-emmerdale-6982-5Declan the Submarine glided through the depths after her, without causing so much as a ripple and, before long, they were grappling with each other once more on the boat. By this time, Megan and Robbie had finally arrived on the scene and, seconds after telling his mum that Charity wasn’t worth them risking themselves, he had flung himself into the water and then leapt into the path of a flare Declan had fired at his wife.

Even at his most heroic moment, Robbie failed pretty spectacularly, and slipped beneath the water. Declan gave a half hearted attempt to find his nephew, then remembered that he was psychotic so returned to trying to kill Charity. He lived to regret procrastinating over a week of episodes though, as Charity dealt what seemed to be the final blow.

Afterwards, she lay back, panting, bruised and worn out, possibly remembering what it was like to spend the night with Cain. Performances were excellent and, as it always does in its blockbuster weeks, Emmerdale pulled out all of the stops to make this truly memorable and gripping television. And not even the return of the screeching Peggy Mitchell, as Barbara Windsor took a break from Bingo Ad innuendos, on the other channel could dilute the fact that Emmerdale really is at the top of the soap game at the moment.

But what did you think of the week’s shock episodes? Were you impressed by the twists and turns or were you left underwhelmed as Declan went underwater? Let us know in the usual way by leaving a comment below and also follow me on Twitter, where you are guaranteed to enjoy even more fantastic puns among other things: https://twitter.com/Our_manPLA

Written By Our Man In The North

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