Holby City: Crisis point for Serena

serena holby(Series 16, ep.50)   The storyline about Serena’s mum has been bubbling along for quite a while. When we first met Adrienne we saw how intelligent, funny, independent and kind she was. We saw the relationship between her and Serena was loving, mutually respectful, but with the standard tensions that two women who are more alike than they care to admit will have when their circumstances change and the daughter starts to become the carer. The progress of Adrienne’s dementia has therefore been upsetting to watch, and in last night’s brilliantly crafted episode it reached a crisis.

Serena brought her mum to hospital, suspecting that she was suffering from TIA’s. Raf (not at all Smug in this episode) thought A&E or Keller were more appropriate places for her, but Serena insisted she stayed on AAU where she could keep an eye on her. What would Raf do if Adrienne was his mother? she asked him. Raf agreed to keep her on AAU, but said he would be in charge of her care.  

raf adrienne serena holbyThen Raf and Fletch noticed nasty bruises on Adrienne. She accused Serena of hitting her and stealing her rings. Fletch and Raf didn’t want to believe it, but the signs were all there. It all climaxed in a devastatingly emotional scene in Pulses, where Adrienne attacked her daughter and it became clear that Serena had been putting up with violence and abuse, because she loves her mother dearly and doesn’t know how else to cope. I have to admit I was in tears. It was one of those scenes where I completely forgot I was watching acting and I was just believing in the characters. Catherine Russell was wonderful.

At least now the truth is out and perhaps Serena will get some support, rather than people being suspicious and wary of her. Raf was very sweet and kind and offered a way forward.

dominic holbyI was going to say it wasn’t all doom and gloom elsewhere in the hospital, but it actually was – though when it’s Dominic being doomy and gloomy, there’s always some comedy in there as well. One of his former one night stands appeared at the hospital in a tiger onesie. He was a nurse from The Mythical St James’, collecting money. He was quite cute as well, and sort of familiar, given that we’ve previously seen him on Holby as Pale Thin Nurse Nicky Van Barr. Only this time he was called Kyle and he was coughing up blood. This was handy for Dominic, who’d been ordered by Sacha to get some interesting diagnostic cases under his belt (it was Farmer’s Lung, apparently). It was less handy in that it brought him face to face with relationship/committment issues. “Are you not ‘out’ at work?” Kyle asked him. “Are you kidding?” said Dominic. “The coma patients know I’m gay.”  So it wasn’t that. And it wasn’t really that he didn’t date nurses. “I’m a strictly one-time guy,” Dominic said, but Sacha gave him a pep talk and he set off to talk to the by now discharged tiger, who was on his way down the stairs. But then he allowed himself to be headed off by Zosia (who was relatively calm this week) and ended up eating ice cream on his own.

elliot mo holbyOn Darwin, there was a man whose heart was on the wrong side of his body, and he needed a transplant. Jac thought they should stick a Herzig 5 alongside, but Elliot disagreed. Elliot also remembered that Mo was supposed to be the transplant specialist of the team (this often seems to be forgotten) and said she should be involved in the case. When things went beep in theatre, Jac was forced to call Elliot for help. Elliot and Mo sorted things out between them and Jac walked out of theatre. This disagreement had the unfortunate effect of sending Jac off for a drink with Selfie. Heaven help us, Jac’s taste in men is deteriorating more and more! Though he is a bit better looking than old Lord Byrne at least.

Next time: Put down the ice cream, Dominic – Kyle is back; Elliot prepares to retire; and it’s decision time for Harry.


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5 responses to “Holby City: Crisis point for Serena

  1. mrssatan

    Yes, this was an episode where no one deserved a trip to the basement… and I agree that the scene in Pulses was extremely powerful.

    On a lighter note – loving how they’re playing “hide the baby bump” with Rosie Marcell!

  2. MvOC

    This episode had me in tears. Even though I expected it to be sad, knowing it would deal with the Adrienne/dementia story again, I wasn’t prepared for how incredible the performances from Catherine Russell and Sandra Vow would be. I was quite speechless for a good 20 minutes after that scene in Pulses.

    Why oh why did they have to ruin Raf with the Amy/Harry nonsense? He and Fletch make a good team and I liked the interaction with Serena too. Thank heavens for Dominic’s bitchiness for a bit of humour.

    • Sox

      I almost didn’t want to watch this as I knew the dementia story would be incredibly sad but I wasn’t expecting such an incredibly episode. Fantastic performances all around downstairs but I actually quite enjoyed the Keller and Darwin stuff too. Fingers crossed for more exceptional Holby episodes!

  3. Sarah

    The episode was heartbreaking, but at the same time it’s eye-opening; it’s even urged me back into songwriting. I was prepared for a painful episode. I wasn’t prepared for how unbelievably convincing Catherine Russell and Sandra Voe were – the scene in Pulses was so real and raw that, for a moment, I forgot I was watching fiction.

  4. Vaudelin

    IMO best Holby episode for a very long time – I was totally engrossed. Brilliant acting and very enjoyable – I do love a bit of comedy thrown in as well! More please.

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