Emmerdale: Interviews with Jane Cox (Lisa) and Nicola Wheeler (Nicola)

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS which some readers may wish to avoid

lisa_dingleRemember the days when Emmerdale used to be about sheep, bails of hay and the occasional lesbian vet? No, me neither. It’s never quiet in the village and the next two weeks are going to hit that home in a big way.

I’m personally just recovering from Donna breaking the fragile heart of Ryan before leaping to her death and I really cannot take much more excitement. But Declan Macey has other ideas; he is intent on offing his wife Charity as he takes her to a derelict countryside cottage and, mark my words, this explosive week in the Dales will end in a shocking way.

But, past the splashes of drama that Macey Madness will bring this week, there are more shocks to come in the village and Jane Cox, who plays the long suffering Lisa Dingle and Nicola Wheeler who plays the high maintenance blonde bombshell Nicola King, discuss the big plots on the way for their alter egos, in a double interview…

It’s not been an easy few years for the Dingles. Bereavements, rape, serial killers, floods, hostage dramas, debt, breakdowns, teenage murders, prison and Sam have just been a few of their pains in their unwashed necks and it’s a wonder that the glue of the family, matriarch Lisa, manages to hold it all together. However, as the true extent of Sam’s debts become known in coming weeks and with the ongoing trauma of daughter Belle’s incarceration, it is all about to get too much…  

“At the moment, Lisa is just carrying on and keeping busy. She’s doing her best for her family as she feels like she’s the only one that can hold them all together,” Jane explains. “But when the bailiffs show up looking for Sam, it’s a big shock. All of these things have been going on and Lisa feels bad for Sam as he’s very vulnerable and he’s been preyed on.”

As the full extent of Sam’s crippling debts become known, Jane tells us that Sam is left upset and ashamed. Unsure of what to do, Sam is forced to rely on an increasingly stressed Lisa…

“It’s thousands but Lisa will do what she can to help Sam out. She initially goes to Debbie but all Debbie can offer is a drop in the ocean. She’s so desperate and that’s when she notices a petty cash tin in Jai’s office,” sighs Jane. “She takes the money but she feels terribly guilty about it; it’s so out of character for Lisa. She does try to put it back which is when Jai catches her.”

Jai, who has his own problems at the moment, reads Lisa the riot act in front of her colleagues. But things are going to go from bad to worse…

“Lisa starts getting turns where she is short of breath, her heart is racing and she has chest pains. She tries to dismiss it as she doesn’t want to worry anyone. The doctor gets her an appointment to get checked out but she doesn’t go,” reveals Jane.

While all of this is going on, Belle is due home for a visit, which proves to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Lisa. Jane describes her alter ego as being excited and overjoyed for her daughter’s return, but, with her being on her last warning at work, Jai doesn’t give her the day off. It’s Kerry who then makes matters even more complex when she persuades Lisa to sneak away while Jai is busy; but Lisa’s departure doesn’t go unnoticed by her furious boss…

“Lisa whizzes home to see Belle and then Jai turns up at the house and fires her. Lisa pleads for her job; she really needs it and the money but Jai is very unsympathetic. Her stress levels are hitting the roof,” shares Jane. “She gets these pains again and can’t breathe, she’s absolutely terrified. She actually thinks she’s going to die.”

As Lisa is rushed away in an ambulance, Jane points out that her alter ego needs to reduce the stress in her life for the sake of her health. But with so much for Lisa to juggle, that may well be easier said than done.

Lisa isn’t the only one who is about to be hit by a ball of stress. Elsewhere in the village, Nicola gets the shock of her life when a woman turns up on her doorstep and claims to be carrying Jimmy’s baby. Nicola Wheeler, who plays her, was on hand to give us the lowdown on this sudden development for the hapless Jimbo…

“Nicola and Jimmy agreed several years ago that he should have a vasectomy,” Nicola reminds us. “But, unbeknown to Emmerdale_spoilers__Jimmy_s_baby_secret_to_threaten_his_marriage__reveals_Nicola_WheelerNicola, Jimmy deposited some sperm just in case; just for his own use in the event that anything changed. He’s since forgotten about it but there’s a mix up at the clinic and Jimmy’s sperm is given to this woman. This is where you have to suspend belief a little bit, but this woman ends up with Jimmy’s details and she arrives at their door, practically nine months pregnant!”

So what are Nicola’s initial thoughts at this stunning turn of events?

“She assumes it’s an affair, she feels very angry and betrayed. Even after she finds out the real story, it was a joint decision between her and Jimmy not to have more children,” the actress explains. “Juliet is here to actually get Jimmy to sign these anonymity papers so he will have no part in the child’s life but Nicola worries that when the child is born, Jimmy won’t be able to let go.”

Of course, as Nicola reminds us, her alter ego has been in a similar situation with Jimmy before, given that he had a child, Elliot with Kelly Windsor. So does she think this latest bombshell could be a threat to their relationship?

“Absolutely, how many more bloody women are going to turn up with Jimmy’s kids!?” exclaims the star. “She doesn’t trust him anymore. And it will get more complicated as when the child is born, by complete coincidence, Juliet wants to call him Carl!”

It doesn’t look like a rosy future for Lisa, Nicola or the ragingly fertile Jimmy in coming months. How do you think their stories will pan out? Are you enjoying Emmerdale at the moment? Let us know, in the usual way, in the comments box below.

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  1. Sharon Foreman

    Jane Cox once sang Its feeding time at the zoo in a childrens programme does anyone know the verses/lyrics of this song? I’m sure there were about three verses ?

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