Casualty: Casualty without Charlie? Seriously?

noel charlie casualty(Series 29, ep.3)  “Do I really want a department without Charlie?” mused Tess at the start of this episode. The answer to that should really be an unequivocal “no,” but nobody seems very convinced of that. Charlie showed up at the hospital twice – the first time because he was bored and he thought they might be able to do with his help; and the second time because he’d been called by Tess when she realised they really could do with his help, but he turned up only to declare he’d had half a pint of beer and was therefore unfit for work, and spent the rest of the shift in the waiting room doing a crossword. These appearances were accompanied by any passing staff members gazing sadly at him, or being mildly irritated by his presence, and I still can’t really work out why.

Only Lofty was able to find some value in the former stalwart of emergency medicine, by enlisting his help with a vulnerable patient – none other than Carl Au (formerly known as the legendary Barry Barry in Waterloo Road), sporting a dental abscess so bad it was making his eye bulge.  

rita casualtyA&E were a nurse down anyway, as the lovely Rita seems to have got her hair under control a bit since last week, but the same can’t be said about her drinking. It’s all apparently because she was married to a child molester. This must have happened in the episodes I missed, so it was nice of Rita to fill me in. It was also nice of Ash to take a personal interest in Rita, prompted partly by a Rita sort-of-lookalike who arrived at A&E in a woeful state thanks to booze, and was last seen in an even more woeful state after barfing blood all over Ash and Robyn. Obviously Ash doesn’t want to see Rita go down that route.

A former mentor of Connie Beauchamp’s turned up, and frankly she was so fierce she made Connie look like a puss in Louboutins. Eventually Connie worked out that Former Mentor was being exceptionally fierce, and exceptionally determined to do an operation that Connie thought was a bit previous, because she suspected she had MS. She should have known that nobody’s mentor gets out of Holby unscathed.

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  1. Thunderchild

    It seems the A&E department didn’t receive the memo about Jac Naylor taking over as Darwin’s clinical lead; however I am rather enjoying the more frequent mentions and crossovers between the two Holby universes. If only Connie would cross paths with Serena Campbell!

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