Wentworth Prison: Forking Hell!

Series Two Episode Three
WENTWORTH-203-3You know when you have been away from home for a while, perhaps on a holiday or work trip, and you return back to hugs and good wishes? It was kind of like that in Wentworth last night, when Simone returned to the prison for another stretch. Except she was welcomed with a sexual assault, a fork in the stomach and a vicious beating that nearly ended up in a knee capping courtesy of a cue-ball wielding Boomer.

Yep, this is the crazy world of Wentworth. Once an ally of the fearsome (and much missed, as far as I am concerned) Jacs Holt, Simone was on Franky’s radar the moment she set foot back in the prison. With the drug supply emptier than Boomer’s head, the prisoners, particularly the gloriously crazy Sky, looked to Simone for their fix.

Fearing that her leadership was under threat, a desperate Franky subjected Simone to various violent attacks in order to ensure she held on to the coveted Top Dog role. This culminated in a night-time ambush in the library where Bea stopped Boomer going too far in the nick of time. 

You might think that this was awfully kind of Bea, but she had her own murderous motives for keeping Simone alive. Simone’s drug supply comes from none other than the odious Brayden, whom Bea has had marked as a dead man since the death of her beloved daughter Debbie. Keeping Simone on side granted Bea an opportunity to attack Brayden; but also left her on Franky’s bad side.

Under the cover of a meeting with a very unsympathetic lawyer, Bea made her move with a crudely crafted knife in the visiting area but Brayden, who has the collective lives of an entire cattery, escaped with just a scratch. If I have to watch one more episode end with him smirking to the camera, I’ll fly over to Australia and kill him myself.

Elsewhere in Wentworth, Fletch continued to fall into the bad books of the new Governor, Joan Ferguson. She well and truly has him marked for departure, even tricking Will Jackson into lodging an official statement against his colleague.

Meanwhile, temperatures were rising in the gardens, and we’re not just talking the prison garden here. Doreen has her mits on a man and the pair enjoyed a passionate clinch. But while that sexual shed shenanigan was romantic, the other one wasn’t quite so as Boomer was forced to give another visitor a somewhat crude sexual favour so that Franky could gain access to his drug supply. The things you do for a mate eh? I don’t know which is worse; having to kneecap a beaten up woman or having to engage in impropriety with a greasy, sleazy male prisoner. Of everyone, Boomer definitely gets the worst deal every time.

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