EastEnders: Hot hens, suave stags and burning Kats

WK38-EASTENDERS-ALFIE-MICK-ROXY-MO-PETER-JOHNNY11Things were heating up in EastEnders last night. No, I’m not talking about that pesky fire but the prospect of Walford hunk Phil Mitchell stripping at his bride-to-be’s hen party.

Yes, believe it or not, the inexplicable Philip Mitchell aura had the ladies of the Queen Vic screaming for him to take his clothes off and reveal the perspiring joys beneath. However, while many ogling eyes were on an unimpressed Phil, there were no eyes on Sharon, who hadn’t turned up to her own hen night.

Sharon was over on the staircase at the stag party, not because of gender confusion but because she needed to confide in someone that she was getting colder feet than a nervous penguin. Of course, her confidante was none other than everyone’s good pal, Danny Dyer, who gave her the pep talk of her life.

Mick was a do-gooder in demand too, as he also had to contend with talking Alfie out of his foolproof plan of torching his own home. Turned out it was a little late for that, and the living room was already engulfed in flames as an oblivious Kat snoozed upstairs. With Kat’s level of make-up and aerosols both on her body and off, it was inevitable that the whole place would explode, and, when it did, Alfie’s tortured agony at the thought he had killed his own wife was played hauntingly well by Shane Richie.  

As is always the case with EastEnders’ annual fire, a shrieking crowd soon gathered outside as Alfie plunged into the inferno thand carried Kat out. Phil, meanwhile, simply couldn’t be arsed after all the drama was over, telling Sharon that it was just a fire. They’re so common around Walford that we can see why Phil was somewhat underwhelmed.

Alfie and Kat were both rushed to hospital and an emotional Alfie came face to face with the dire consequences of what he had done to his wife. Lying charred on a hospital bed, Kat is in a grave situation and life for the Moons will never be the same again.

It all became a bit too much for Tamwar too, as memories of this exact same storyline happening a couple of years back registered with him. It had been a bit of a bad night for Tam all round really, as he had just come from the world’s most awkward teenage social gathering which ended in a game of Pictionary.

The episode kicks off a dramatic month for the residents of Albert Square but what did you think of the Great September Blaze? Did the episode set you alight or were you far from over the Moon? Let us know below and, while you’re at it, follow me on Twitter. My banter is on fire. https://twitter.com/Our_manPLA

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