Coronation Street: Where are you sticking that banana?

medium_i8mWYB5FgnmANF-9Im0Mqn_WHv1-PpR2yrr5tconb8MLast night’s Corrie double had it all didn’t it? Ongoing feuds exploding across the Street, veiled threats of prison violence, dodgy ex husbands threatening suicide whilst preparing a reunion dinner, exhaust pipes being stuffed with fruit, dog-napping by a child assisted by lesbian teens, pill popping mothers lying to GPs and, of course Gerogia May Foote dressed to the nines in a lovely blue number for the standard Weatherfield Monday night out.

The main story of the night was Todd inserting his banana into an exhaust pipe (please, do grow up) in order to cause a distraction that would allow him to sneak into the garage and steal an apple. No, you haven’t wandered into an alternate dimension; this was genuinely the basis of the main storyline from last night’s Corrie. And still, it outrated every other TV show yesterday by over a million viewers.

Let’s delve a little deeper (into the storyline, forget Todd’s banana). Todd is feeling a little put out as he is taking the flack for something which is almost entirely his fault. Wanting to lash out at Tyrone and Foghorn Fiz, he decided to leave a chilling message by nabbing the remainder of Luke’s lunch from under their noses.  

This, funnily enough, only served to get the couple even more angry at the Grimshaw brothers and, any hope of a painless resolution to this feud is a distant memory. Todd seemed determined for Tony to take his share of the blame; that is until Tony the Tank had him pinned against the wall. Just while we’re all getting over Tony Gordon, it seems there’s another psychotic Tone in our midst. Weatherfield beware.

Speaking of psychopaths who love Liz, Jim was over the moon to get a prison visit from Our Steven, so he was. Steve has softened to his charming pops in recent days, much to Liz’s despair. But while Jim is nice as pie to his son, he is gunning for Peter. Peter’s gratitude for Jim saving his life was extraordinarily shortlived, as Mr McDonald warned him that he is a marked man, with parched prisoners baying for his blood. Admittedly, this is probably because his blood is 85% alcohol.

Did I already start a paragraph with ‘Speaking of Psychopaths?’ Oh well. Neil, meanwhile remained intent on being a thorn in the side of Andrea and Lloyd, making his ex wife somewhat gullibly believe he was on the brink of suicide when in fact he was dishing out dinner for two. It was Lloyd who came to the rescue and warned Neil in no uncertain terms to leave Andrea alone. But, we knew Neil would not be put off so easily as the police paid a visit, interrupting a fascinating back and forth about tea between Andrea and Lloyd. Ironically, they took Lloyd in for questioning over harassment.

medium_8unMeO-1pbbrKo6GPXi2BYUkw2qp4bS7RBGONOQ_b2oKylie committed the cardinal sin of lying to her GP as she made excuses that she had misplaced Max’s pills. Of course, we know full well that she actually has been taking them herself and we can’t say we wouldn’t do the same thing if we were married to Demon David and living with Gail. Nevertheless, Kylie feels bad for doing it; but is this enough to stop her taking anymore? We sense some dark times ahead for our favourite nail technician.

Eccles was getting in on the drama too as Simon misinterpreted a conversation between Tracy and Deirdre about ending the life of a broken washing machine and decided that the doomed pooch needed saved. Step forward the ever so mature Maddie and her hapless sidekick Sophie who decided that the only reasonable option would be to steal Eccles (stay with me on this one), lock her in a bedroom (are you still with me?) and listen for her barking across a baby monitor without anyone’s suspicions being aroused (okay, you’re gone).

Finally, in other news, Sally and Tim were feeling a bit saucy for each other. The less said about that, the better.

What did you think of Corrie last night? Are you team Tyriz or Jodd? (See what I did there?) Comments welcomed below.

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  1. wiggles

    Love it!!! Just like PLA’s ‘Waterloo Road’ reviews you’re making me wish I’d watched the episodes now.