Wentworth Prison: Heating up and dying down

wentworth_s2_ep2_1605444549Season 2 Episode 2

There was a lot going on in Wentworth Correctional Facility this week. Bizarrely, the main focus was on a new foreign inmate’s constipation, which landed Franky in the shit – but not in the way she had wanted.

After breaking down the language barriers, it emerged that the newcomer had a stash of drugs lodged in her digestive system, but they were in no hurry to escape. Franky, having upset a lot of her customers through lack of supplies, was eager for her to go to the toilet, which left Boomer on faecal watch duties.

Well-meaning Liz was on hand to try and keep the situation under control but tragedy struck as the drugs got into her system after a struggle and left her convulsing to death. This gave the underrated Celia Ireland, who plays Liz, a chance to shine as her alter ego broke down in guilt as she wept her apologies to the dying person who had been left in her care. The scene was daunting, dramatic and heavily emotional, sapped somewhat by Channel 5’s warning before it aired that gave away exactly what was going to happen.  

Nevertheless, the subsequent standoff between Franky and Liz was exceptional and Nicole da Silva gave moving performances throughout as the conflicted Franky, a character that has gone from cheeky and bolshy, to a situation that is utterly out of her depth.

Elsewhere in the Prison, new governor Joan Ferguson continued to play psychological games with her staff and inmates alike, acted menacingly well by Pamela Rabe. Joan is paying particular attention to mousey Vera, whom she deliberately got sozzled so that she would dish the dirt on Fletch. Joan literally let her hair down out of that tight, officious bun to lure Vera into a false sense of security and, as Vera got tiddly, the Fletch stories started to flow. Joan clearly has her sights set on dispatching Fletch from her workforce and, with hapless Vera’s help, she is edging ever closer to achieving this goal. And, anyone familiar with Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson from her original form in Prisoner Cell Block H will know that she always gets her way, whatever the means.

She had a treat in store for her favourite inmate Doreen as she shipped in a group of burly male prisoners to help her erect a shed. But the ever salacious Boomer was hoping to erect something else as she had a less than subtle makeover. Nevertheless, despite the wolf whistling, it’s Doreen who is getting the most attention from her new friend, who is leading the project. Could romance be in the air?

Somewhere where romance is most certainly dead is the marriage of Bea and Harry, as he came in to demand a divorce from his jailbird wife. Bea was more than happy to oblige, but there was a catch. She set her violent husband out to deal a murderous justice to killer Brayden Holt. He threw a wobbler when he was about to hammer him in the mechanic workshop but, following a ruthless pep talk from Bea, he set fire to Brayden’s workplace.

This was a plan that went spectacularly wrong however and Brayden came out smelling of roses (and a little of smoke). However, we can’t imagine his smirk will be in place for long; Bea is determined to get revenge and, much like The Freak herself, we have a feeling she will get her way.

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