Holby City: Digby seizes the chance to shine

digby holby(Series 16, ep.48)  Ooh, Arthur Digby! A man of many fine qualities, including being the top F1 in the world (or thereabouts) and having the most beautiful smile in the NHS. He’s not usually what you would call dynamic, though. Indeed, he was seen sporting a rucksack with wee horsies on it in this episode and I don’t think you’d ever see Michael Spence with that kind of accessory.

But in this episode he had a moment which made me go, “Hell, yeah!” in a way I haven’t done since the aforementioned Michael Spence went on sabbatical. It was when he told Zosia to go home and followed it up with, “It’s not a request, Dr March.” Thrilling! The lad is manning up at last.  

digby zosia holbyWhat had Zosia done to elicit this kind of behaviour? It wasn’t because she was late for work due to doing a visualisation with a random pensioner in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery. It was because she got heavily over-involved in a case, like she does, and decided what was needed was a muscle biopsy on a young girl, which was both unnecessary and a thing she wasn’t trained to do. Double unethical.

Sacha had left Digby in charge, and when he disagreed with Zosia’s proposed course of action she trotted of to tell Selfie and Sacha, who showed that he is probably not cut out to be in charge of juniors when he relieved Digby of his responsibilities and put Zosia in charge instead.

At the beginning of the episode Sacha had told Digby that he should “Seize the chance to shine,” and he kind of did, in that he worked out a diagnosis and stopped Zosia from doing a career-threatening procedure. He found that shining comes at a price, though, as he felt like he betrayed Zosia to her father, and Dominic was on hand to agree with him via the medium of his best snarky face.

jonny adele holbyThis week’s Darwin patient was the lovely Michael Starke, formerly Sinbad in Brookside and assorted other roles. I always enjoy his appearances – as well as being a Scouser, he always comes across as a lovely warm, genuine man. Darwin is sooo the place to be warm and genuine, too, because it has Adele and she’s always smiling and always has time for the patients. Indeed she’s so good at her job that Jonny Mac wants her to do a nursing degree. The shift seemed to involve more downs than ups, and by the end she’d almost decided to go back to her old job as a holiday rep and had put some holiday trousers on to signal her intent. This is what you have to do on Holby if you want to leave – never mind giving notice or any of that bureaucratic nonsense. Just change into leisure clothing. Sinbad from Brookside helped her change her mind, though, which is good news because one Effanga is good, but two Effangas are better.

colette fletch holbyOn AAU, Fletch started the shift listening to Temples, but things went rapidly downhill from there. It seems that he’s a bit rubbish at doing staff rotas and organising cover and so on, which isn’t surprising because Tess and Charlie did all that for him in his previous job. So when AAU found itself short-handed, Fletch donned the apron of hospitality and served the patients’ meals himself. It’s good to see him prioritising nutrition, but it’s only about the third time I can remember when patients have ever been offered any meals on Holby.

Next time: Selfie gets advice about Zosia. From someone in the mythical Psych department? From Charlie off of Casualty who has mental health nursing experience? From Colette who’s known her a long time? Obvs not. He asks Dr Amy Smug.


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11 responses to “Holby City: Digby seizes the chance to shine

  1. mrssatan

    This episode had some good laugh out loud moments (unlike last week when I couldn’t bring myself to care about any of the sorry lot)… I adored the performing seal comments between Adele and Jac; and when Zosia was talking about feeling the sand between her toes I can’t be the only person who shouted a Secret Escapes comment at the screen!

    I don’t think I’d want to be treated by Diggers, Zosia or Dom… They get there in the end, but you risk an unnecessary procedure or possibly death before they do.

    I agree with your comment about feeding the patients… I also wondered where the hot trolley was… my mind is a scary place!

  2. MvOC

    Found this episode a bit all over the place and pushing the bounds of realism to the Holby limits again, and each storyline seemed to revolve around saving the arse of someone who was making a hames of their job.

    I like Adele, but not weighing the patient? No excuse for that no matter how nice or bright her smile it was just incompetent. Jac was right to bawl her out, to be honest I think she was lenient. Mo and Jonny’s ‘oh well’ attitude however baffled me.

    Fletch leaving the ward short staffed because he’s not very good at doing rotas (although to me i came across like he just couldn’t be bothered doing it) – um that’s a major part of his job! If he can’t do it he shouldn’t be in the job! And spending the entire episode serving meals in a pinny – is that really the job of the nurses? ‘Sorry you’re bleeding out of your head dear but here’s a sandwich!’

    And then of course there was the Keller debacle! Arthur isn’t stupid, he’s a good doctor and a nice person. He has known for weeks (months?) that Zosia is off her rocker but somehow this follower of rules thought it more important to put patients at risk and ignore a friend’s very obvious emotional/mental problems rather than risk her career (or face her daddy’s wrath)?

    The grand message from the episode was: patients come second. Everyone running around looking after their mates and the people who are supposed to be in charge being completely oblivious to the mayhem around them. Once again Holby City dipped more in the direction of Hollyoaks than medical drama.

    • wiggles

      And the funniest thing is that AAU wasn’t short of nurses at all. I counted at least 3 hovering around in the background which, with Fletch and Colette makes a grand total of 5, which is a ratio of nurses most wards would kill (but not patients) for. They were, however (as Keller is), hopelessly short of HCA’s, who are the backbone of most wards these days – seems that Adele actually IS irreplaceable.
      On which point, quite apart from the fact that Adele would have done basic life-saving (i.e CPR) training on her trust induction wasn’t she also on AAU with Raf, who if I remember correctly, was a bit of a dictator when it came to CPR technique. Well it certainly seemed to be one of the things that made him loathe Harry on sight anyway.

  3. Why don’t you do reviews on Casualty anymore?

  4. Thunderchild

    Any fans of The Bill appreciate the scene between Jac and Fletch?

  5. holbylover819

    Man EVERY time they leave Digby in charge things turn in the general direction of disaster. Will they ever learn?

  6. Kelly

    I have loved Holby for the longest time but I am finding it hard watch at the moment as I don’t really love any of the characters enough.
    This is random and unrelated,, but can anyone remember an episode of Holby where a woman was admitted to AAU unable to speak fluently and they diagnosed her with Broca’s Aphasia? I’m pretty sure it was in the Hemingway era .

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