EastEnders and Coronation Street preview: What a blast!

soaps-eastenders-moon-house-fire-2WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS. Please do not read further if you prefer to avoid them. 

The aroma of plump sausages sizzling on the barbie, the feel of sand trickling between your toes (and the crunch of it in your sandwiches) and the blazing heat of the one solitary warm day we had are all distant memories. Our thoughts are turning from foreign holidays and ice bucket challenges to how we are going to occupy the slowly darkening evenings.

Cue the ambitious soap producer, determined to reel their temporarily errant, sun worshipping fans back in with an action packed autumn of drama. And Coronation Street and EastEnders are both really going for it this year.  

EastEnders have just released a trailer promising that, just because summer is on its way out, the heat doesn’t need to die off, as it kicks off a busy September with something a soap opera has never tackled before: that’s right, a house fire. For the second time, the Slater home will go up in flames and for a second time, a character will be left fighting the consequences of being heavily scarred by the inferno.

Bumbling Alfie Moon has never been a huge threat to MENSA members, but his upcoming ploy to set fire to his own house for an insurance pay off surely ranks somewhere in the middle of his most ridiculous ideas to date. As everything invariably does in Alfie’s world, his little stunt goes badly wrong and Kat is left trapped and fighting for her life. As an explosion tears through the house, she will come out of it, but it won’t be the same Kat who went in. So strong is this fire, that even her industrial strength layers of face cement won’t save Kat from permanent damage, and it will be an interesting challenge for the versatile Jessie Wallace to take on, as Kat and Alfie both try to come to terms with what’s happened.

The Slater house isn’t the only thing crumbling to ash either, as everyone’s favourite Angry Tomato Phil Mitchell’s wedding day to Sharon looks set to end in disaster. They have been plotting against each other mercilessly and things are going to come to a head in a big way. Yes, that means a lot of Cockney shouting and heavy breathing courtesy of everyone’s favourite ’ard man. And no wedding would be complete without a surprise guest or two, as not one but two killer relatives unexpectedly return for the proceedings. Both Ben the Basher and Ruthless Ronnie are back, and we’d be amazed if the combination of betrayal, debauchery and homicidal guests did not result in some of the most spectacular television EastEnders has provided in some time.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the Walford writers have some more uplifting scenes to follow, as the Carters look set to be ripped apart when Linda is subjected to a brutal sexual attack at the hands of Dean. Whilst this will undoubtedly make for harrowing viewing, the performances that will come out of this should cement some of the show’s newest actors as some of their biggest stars.

embargo-26-aug-coronation-street-ken-tracy-rob-460x255Summer is already long forgotten isn’t it? Well, not ones to be outdone, the folk over at Coronation Street have an ambitious autumn of their own planned, as their long running Tina murder storyline is notched up a few thousand gears as it careers towards its climax. Rob thought he had gotten away with murder, but his secret is about to unravel spectacularly – on the day of his wedding, of course.

Only in soap could two cold-blooded murderers be all set to tie the knot, while their relative stands trial for, yes, murder, at the same time. It’s a week that will see a gripping courtroom drama, an unmissable wedding and two sensational departures as both Peter and Rob leave the Street in dramatic circumstances.

The soaps are certainly upping their game as the winter months creep up, and if this is the standard we are being treated to, then autumn has just become the new summer.

What are you most excited for in the soaps this autumn? Let us know in the usual way by leaving a comment below.

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2 responses to “EastEnders and Coronation Street preview: What a blast!

  1. I’m looking forward to all of that, apart from the Linda/Dean business. Couldn’t the Carters just be a happy family? Is that too much to ask? (I know, in soapland the answer is “yes”).