Holby City: What a strange girl you are

mo jonny jac holby(Series 16, ep.46)  Percutaneous fetal balloon valvuloplasty. It’s easy to say (the “balloon” bit is easy to say, anyhoo), but very, very tricky to do. Indeed, it’s so risky and rarely performed that Jac Naylor described it as “groundbreaking” to Selfie, and that was enough for him to give it the thumbs-up. Jonny Mac wouldn’t have given it the thumbs-up if he’d been CEO, because he thought it was way too risky and was just about Jac showing off. He should know by now that Jac does, indeed, enjoy showing off her surgical skills – but only when she’s reasonably confident of a good outcome for the patient.

jonny mo holbyThe unborn patient in this case was the result of a one night stand, and Jonny had plenty of advice for the baby’s father. In fact he came over quite misty-eyed when talking about Emma, and is still describing her as being strong because she takes after her mother. He hasn’t given up hope of a friendly co-parenting set-up for Emma, but to Jac it’s apparently off the table. “I can’t do this, ever,” she told him, twice. Is it because she’s afeared that if she becomes a “proper” parent she’ll go all Sahira Shah and have to make cupcakes and hide the faces of child patients in case they make her cry?  

Normally when there’s groundbreaking surgery going on, Selfie would have been on the phone to America and got lots of press and investor types earnestly peeking through the Darwin theatre viewing screen at the wonder of it all. Not this time, because he had a party to go to. The top line of his CEO application form did mention that he had “the ability to prioritise.”

So it was left to something of a dream team of Jac, Mo and Mr T (Mr T!) to get the procedure successfully done. Mo “felt an inappropriate high five coming on” afterwards. Jac replied that normally she’d laugh in her face, but she permitted herself a small fist-bump of celebration.

Talking of “celebration,” let’s get to this party, which was actually a fund-raiser of some sort and was a splendid excuse for some regular cast members and a lot of non-speaking extras to don their glad-rags. The highlight of the evening was a charity auction, in which the star attraction was a sporty wee car. The winning bidder was Dr Raf Smug, who managed to get into a bidding war (or willy-waving contest) with Dr Posh and bid well over the odds for something that’s going to be entirely impractical as soon as Baby Smug-Smug/Posh arrives.

selfie serena holbyWhen last seen, the car had a sitting tenant in the form of Serena, who was using it to hide from new board member Billy Tressler-Posh. Selfie’s advice on how to handle Billy Posh (“Just smile and nod”) brought the brilliant response, “I’m not a bloody geisha!” Serena and red wine really do make a delightful combination (as long as she isn’t going to go down the Peter Barlow route).

Something else I enjoyed about Serena this week was the solidarity between her and Colette, who helped her find a carer for her mother. It makes a nice change to have female colleagues on Holby being friendly and supportive rather than back-stabbing and bitching (though obviously this doesn’t mean I want Jac Naylor to go changing any time soon).

zosia holbyBack to that car auction, and driving up the price along with Posh and Smug was Dr Zosia March, who was having a very strange week. She should really be kept well away from all cancer patients, because it always makes her think of her mother and she gets all unhinged. This week she took it upon herself to make a dying man (Roy Hudd) happy by reducing his medication so he wasn’t sleepy (but was in pain), eat a steak in front of him so he could enjoy it by proxy (Pulses apparently don’t mind if you bring your own food in from outside, which is handy to know if you want to eat anything other than a muffin), and then take him to the party. Her heart’s in the right place, but sadly her judgement and self-control are shot to shreds. While the auction continued, Zosia’s patient was barfing blood all over the place and Digby and Zosia had to rush him back to the hospital, where he died. And Digby, who is Zosia’s self-appointed guardian angel, was left to peer at her with a worried frown on his face as she danced by herself in the dark in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery.

Next time: Is Baby Smug-Smug/Posh a boy or a girl? I bet you can’t wait to find out.


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14 responses to “Holby City: What a strange girl you are

  1. “Percutaneous fetal balloon valvuloplasty” please don’t use long words here 😉

    Does Mo still do her radio phone-in show, or has she handed the mic onto someone else?

    If Clive Lloyd needed an undertaker, I could recommend Archie Shuttleworth from Coronation Street !

  2. MvOC

    I presume as Jac’s “groundbreaking” surgical wizardry was a success it means that thingy that she and Mr T (Mr T!) were on about (specialist ward on Darwin? I dunno. Something!) will happen now and there will be more reasons for Mr T (Mr T!) to grace our screens? If thats not the case then I took nothing from that storyline except that Jonny’s simpering about his “wee girl” is still just as irritating as ever. Also, does Jac learn a super-duper new “groundbreaking” type of surgery every time she goes abroad?

    How has Zosia managed to be surrounded by medical professionals day in, day out and none of them have spotted that she’s mad as a box of frogs? I’m starting to tire of Digby covering up for her, although at this point I think it’s clear he’s going to get the blame for her behaviour one way or another from Selfish. Camilla is doing it very well though!

    Robonurse clearly had her settings reconfigured and has now taken to following Fletch around instead of Selfish. I do wish they’d allowed her to be her own character for a while. I like the camaraderie between her and Serena and would rather have seen those two having a good old knees up at the gala.

    Serena was fantastic and possibly the only character who can not only hold her own but steal every scene she’s in during an episode in which she wasn’t part of either of the main stories. I also hope she doesn’t end up going down the Peter Barlow route, although if she decides to go down the Rob Donovon route and shoves Self off a roof – we’d all forgive her, wouldn’t we?

    • Maybe if Sacha wasn’t so busy sighing after Essie he’d have more time to notice that one of his junior doctors is losing it. But maybe people are scared to confront it because that would mean confronting Selfie. Digby is just doing what he can by trying to watch out for her, without sticking his head above the parapet where Selfie is concerned.

      • MvOC

        As much as I hate to say it; loved up, dreamy Sacha is a bit useless. He really doesn’t appear to do anything. He’s reminding me of Michael Spence in the episodes last year where he just made sporadic appearances on the ward before his departure.

    • wiggles

      I’m thinking now (and have been for a while) that Zosia is actually as mad as a bag of ferrets (which has got to be madder than a box of frogs right?).
      And why would frogs in a box be mad anyway??

  3. Chloe Derbyshire

    There’s no way Jac could turn into Sahira even if she tried – she’s far too vicious.
    Selfish and prioritising go together like chalk and cheese – not very well.
    I agree, Serena and red wine is an awesome combination 🙂
    I’m also worried about Zosia, I think she’s gonna turn into Peter Barlow before Serena at the rate she’s going… :/

  4. Can someone remind me who Peter Barlow is and what route he took? Thanks.

  5. mrssatan

    I didn’t know what to make of this episode… it all seemed a bit ‘in the realms of fantasy’; in fact, to quote a much missed character: “I think the only thing missing, really, is a river of honey, and unicorns cavorting wildly through the hospital grounds.”

  6. Favourite moment?
    Mr T’s face when he walked into his office and saw Jac there – priceless.