Holby City: Brand Naylor

jac holby(Series 16, ep.45)  You only have to look at Elliot Hope and you want to give him a cuddle. He always seems a bit sad, a bit lost, a bit too nice for the world. Just in case this isn’t obvious enough, he has an adorable sidekick of a dog called Gary (#RIP Samson) which he brings to work to cheer up the geriatric ward in his spare moments when he’s not saving lives on Darwin. Or in lifts.

You couldn’t hurt a lovely man like that unless you were Jac Naylor and Selfie had offered you the career leap you’d always wanted. Even so, Jac wasn’t comfortable with sticking the knife between the shoulder blades of her former mentor. It even made her cry to tell him that she was now the face of the Herzig project, which had been his ever since he concocted the Herzig 1 out of twigs and pine cones in the wet lab. “It shouldn’t have been you who took this from me,” Elliot said, in a scene of Shakespearean tragedy proportions (Elliot was part King Lear, part Julius Caesar and Jac was part Cordelia and part Lady Macbeth). Technically it was the odious Selfie who took it from him (“Guy wants consistency… brand”), but of course Selfie was keeping such a low profile that he’s probably face down under a filing cabinet in the basement.  

The upshot is that, as usual, Nobody Likes Jac. And Gary chewed up her presentation pen (a gift from Selfie) – before she even got a chance to show it to Digby and Zosia. They love a good pen, those two.

dominic holbyDigby and Zosia were having a day off (hangovers, probably), leaving Dominic to do his cute/cheeky thing on his own on Keller. The main story on Keller was that Sacha was trying to progress his relationship with Essie by getting her to meet his daughters. She wasn’t keen. “When are you going to tell your Jewish children I’m related to a Nazi?” she asked him and it’s a reasonable question, but I imagine all Sacha heard was the voice of Chrissie, who’d always been too good for him (in her own mind). Patient of the week was George from George and Mildred, whose toe had fallen off.

helen flanagan holbyMeanwhile, guest artiste of the week on AAU was Helen Flanagan, formerly Coronation Street’s minx extraordinaire, Rosie Webster. She’s still doing the pouting thing. Fletch had “found” her in Albie’s and got her a job by “pulling a few strings” with the largely fictional HR department. Fluid staffing configurations etc. I’m not sure whether she was actually a qualified nurse, but I presume she must have been. She didn’t go down well with Colette, what with the pouting and everything, and then a mobile phone went missing and latex gloves were used on a patient who was allergic to latex. Fingers (non-latex-covered) were pointed at Helen Flanagan and she had to be “let go” by Colette and Fletch. I did quite enjoy her turn as basically Rosie Webster in scrubs, and I’m still very much enjoying Fletch’s work.

Next time: Digby is still worried about Zosia; Dr Posh’s dad Billy Posh irritates Dr Smug; and Mr T!


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9 responses to “Holby City: Brand Naylor

  1. Chloe Derbyshire

    Don’t you mean, you couldn’t hurt a lovely man like that unless you were Selfie (or Selfish as I like to call him sometimes) sending Jac to do all of his dirty work for him because she’s the latest person to be sucked into his little bubble…

  2. The Divine Bebe

    I swear George (as in George and Mildred George) barely looks older than he did 40 years ago!

  3. mrssatan

    I really believe that Jac was heartbroken that she ended up being the one who destroyed Elliot… she wanted the role, but she did tell Selfish B*****d that one of her terms was that he tell Elliot – she learnt the hard way that Selfish is also spineless and manipulates people and situations so he doesn’t have to get his hands dirty. I think he’s the one with the people skills of the Ebola virus not Jac!

  4. Rose

    I think Jac trying to wriggle out of telling Elliot herself by trying to get Selfie to do it was cowardly on her part. If she’s good enough to lead the ward and super star enough to sell Hertzig – whatever number its up to now – to the world then she should have been gutsy enough to want to face Elliot herself and not trying to hide behind Holby’s greatest douche. There was no way Selfie would actually have bitten the bullet and told Elliot but imagine how cruel he could actually have been breaking it to Elliot?

    Dominic was great on Keller, he always adds a little sparkle. I like Essie but… I don’t know. Something bugs me about her and Sacha’s story and I can’t pinpoint what because they are both lovely. But maybe it would be nice to have seen Sacha get a story that didn’t involve propping up and falling in love with another slightly messed up blonde nurse (though she’s waaaay better than Chrissie!).

    AAU. Um. Well, at least it was just one episode with Rosie Webster, I mean, Kirsty. When do we get Mary-Claire back?

    • Chloe Derbyshire

      In fairness, it was all Selfie’s idea, so why shouldn’t he have been the one to tell him??? But then again, like you said he never would have done so maybe he’s the cowardly one…

      • Rose

        Selfie is a dick. Jac knows that, we all know that. Jac understood more than anyone what it meant to Elliot, so how did she think it was better for him to hear the news from someone else? HR should have been dealing with Elliot from a professional point but outside of all that it was about doing the decent thing and Jac handled it badly. Like everything else once she had to deal with things on an actual human level she wimped out. The fact she shed a few tears when the damage was done doesn’t wipe the slate clean. How many times do we have to watch this same routine of her being an all out bitch to those who care about her? People complain of Zosia and her daddy issues and she her story hasn’t been dragged on a fraction as long as Jac and her mummy issues. I think as a character she’s getting stale.

      • Hopefully Jac will have Selfie’s next and she would tell him with a smile, you are no longer the face for this hospital and Elliot is my second in comand, or she could just text him. Like your name for him Chloe “selfish is as selfish does.

  5. thunderchild

    Is Self Important systematically changing the clinical lead in every department? First Connie in the ED and now Jac on Darwin. With the new consultant coming onto Keller and with Ric back on AAU I wonder where this leaves Serena?

    • Sarah

      Essentially I think he’s basing decisions on who he fancies and whoever he thinks will trample over all others to get ahead. The new consultant will probably be yet another “ambitious” career woman (and when pertaining to women in Holby-land “ambition” seems to equate with manipulative and unfeeling). They’ve softened Serena in this series with both the Edward storyline and her mother so obviously she’s no longer capable of ambition of leadership. She’ll probably be shoved into a romance with Ric.

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