Holby City: The best man (or woman) for the job

fletch holby(Series 16, ep.44) Honestly, the way staff are wandering willy-nilly between Holby City and Casualty these days, you might be forgiven for thinking it was the same hospital.

Following Connie Beauchamp’s recent-ish manifestation on Casualty, this week it was the turn of staff nurse Adrian “Adrian” Fletcher (or “Fletch”) to don the attractive dark blue scrubs of The Big Hospital Upstairs. He took to life on AAU very readily – he’d even heard of Albie’s, though no one from Casualty has ever gone there. Ric Griffin wasn’t that pleased to see him – Ric and Tess Bateman go back a long way, apparently, so obviously Ric wasn’t that impressed by the married man who messed Our Tess around. Ric has apparently forgotten the old saying about “two to tango” and that Fletch only recently saved the life of the blessed Tess, but still… At least by the end of the episode Fletch had won the admiration of Ric via the medium of some nifty work with a Sengstaken tube. Even Dr Smug was impressed by that one.

Harder to impress was Colette, who only had to clap eyes on Fletch and she would go all snarly. It turned out that she’d once turned down the opportunity to become Mrs Adrian “Adrian” Fletcher, presumably before he got married to the one he was married to when he was being a married man dallying with Tess. Who knew?  

Before I move swiftly on to more dallying on the wards, I just want to say that Fletch on Holby works just fine, in my opinion. Not sure the history with Colette was entirely necessary, but as a character he just seems to fit and it’s like he’s always been on Holby.

mr t sacha holbyI can also say the same for Mr T (I feel I know him well enough to start calling him Derwood now, but Mr T suits him so well), a character who is rapidly turning into a legend. This week the legend was added to when Sacha suspected him of being a two-timing love rat, and we discovered that not only (a) is he nothing of the sort (he’s actually single – information which made Mo’s day), but (b) he has his own corset and likes dressing up as Frank N. Furter. If we don’t see some of that at the staff Christmas party this year, I’ll be sorely disappointed. It would totally eclipse last year’s elf costume.

jac holbyOn Darwin, Elliot Hope was back at work. He’s recovered well from his brain operation, but he may recover less well from being stabbed in the back. This latter injury is metaphorical rather than actual, as Jac Naylor has signed the contract which puts her at the head of Darwin and the Herzig project, and it’s going to hurt.

Next time: It does hurt.



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8 responses to “Holby City: The best man (or woman) for the job

  1. Dawn Hiles

    love it.

  2. holbylover819

    That backstory with Colette and Fletch was juuuuiiiicy. I think I like Colette a bit more now she’s not been Selfie’s lapdog but I was still glad they didn’t drag that on. She looked cute in the pub when she went to talk to Fletch.
    Scarily, my dad predicted that that man’s wife/secretary-of-30-years would die while he was in theatre. Even more scary he reckons Guy and Jac could get together. I guess we’ll see if he’s right.

    • Sadly I think your dad is right re Guy and Jac. Together they would be “Gac.” Also the sound I’m making at the very idea of it.

    • Chloe Derbyshire

      Personally I’m going for the “Guy’s going to move to Casualty and then get with Connie” theory. That’s assuming Cal doesn’t manage to first…

  3. HolbyNut

    LOL re GAC

  4. mrssatan

    Gac… is that also the sound Amy Barf Smug makes???

    I didn’t “get” why RoboNurse 2000 was so bitter if she was the one who did a runner… surely Fletch had more reason *shrug*

    Selfie is getting worse… something I didn’t think was possible… I feel the need to do him some serious damage with a chainsaw and a spork!

  5. Thunderchild

    Original or not at least Colette was finally getting a bit of a backstory; sadly I think it’s come too late as I’ve read Louise Delamere is leaving – might have even finished filming. Personally I don’t think the writers have ever known what to do with her and with so very little to work with I think the actress has really struggled to find any real insight or depth to the character which I think is a real shame – and after ninth months or so on the show I think the scene in Albies was the first time we’ve seen her outside the hospital!

    • Eilis

      Colette was supposed to be Director of Nursing but we never seemed to see her in that role except for the odd shifting one nurse from one ward to another. She appears to be there just to be another of Selfie’s puppets. Of course, it’s always been the way in the Holby universe that doctors seem to have complete control over the nurses. I nearly fainted when on Saturday’s Casualty Zoe (?) reminded Connie, when she was tearing strips off Rita, that it was Tess’s job to manage the nurses and not hers. Was that a first?

      Also, much as I can’t get enough of Elliott, a fortnight to recover from braing surgery and to be back at work performing major cardiothoracic surgery? Yes, I know this is Holby but even so!

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