Holby City: Carer or consultant?

serena holby(Series 16, ep.43) This week we discovered that Serena’s mother, Adrienne, has “a penchant for a silver fox.” Luckily for her, a thrilling example of the genre had just arrived back in Holby in the form of Ric Griffin. Apparently he’s got Jess all sorted out and safe somewhere, and now he’s back.

His presence was good news and bad news for Serena, under fire from Selfie who thinks her role as a carer for her mother means she can’t give her best, medically-speaking. She thought Selfie was only trying to edge her out because Ric was back, but on the other hand Ric is an enormously reassuring, calm presence. This is just what you need when your mother’s dementia has reached the stage where she’s smashed every mirror in the house and most of the mirrors in the AAU toilets. “At least 21 years of bad luck,” calculated PLA Jr.  

adrienne ric holbySpeak-your-brains patient of the week was, kind of disturbingly, the copper who is currently investigating Lucy Beale’s murder on EastEnders. She was an alcoholic (which is possibly why she’s not made much headway finding out who killed Lucy) and also a psychologist, who had plenty of advice about dealing with dementia. Serena has, as a result, decided to be more proactive and get a grip on the situation. Selfie looked doubtful, but he always looks doubtful unless the subject under discussion is his own magnificence, so no change there then.

The whole storyline is lifted (and made even more sad) by the sensitive performances of Sandra Voe and Catherine Russell, and the scene where Adrienne was dancing with Ric was very touching.

mo mr t holbyThere was a female patient on Darwin with “problems down below.” Never before has this phrase been much of a call to celebrate, but these days it means that the glorious Mr T will be summoned. His visit coincided with Mo being in a very grumpy mood. It wasn’t just because in the absence of Jac and Elliot she’d been landed with an entire department to run. It was because it was two years ago that she gave birth. Mr T remembered, which of course he would because he’s (a) lovely (b) an expert in matters “down below,” including births and (c) crazy about Mo.

digby maria holbyDigby is also apparently crazy about Marine Biologist Maria, so when she appeared in Keller with possible appendicitis, he wasn’t keen on his all-kinds-of-crazy flat-mate Zosia being responsible for her care. Zosia was particularly distracted by a new F1, who found himself being pounced on in the linen cupboard in what must have been a memorable first day on the ward. Unfortunately for Zosia the main emotion he experienced was fear. She can be a bit full-on, as Digby knows only too well.

Next time: Is Essie cheating on Sacha? With Mr T? Surely not! And Casualty’s Fletch makes the transition to AAU.


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5 responses to “Holby City: Carer or consultant?

  1. holbylover819

    Adele’s line “Come back Jac Naylor, all is forgiven” was hilarious. Has it really been two years since Mo crushed Jac’s fingers giving birth?!

  2. Tallie

    Ric was awfully protective around Serena – what was that all about?

    Nice to have a break from the Smugs, can we just get rid of them and Guy, he is awful – treatment of Serena is very off.

    A lot of people like the idea of Mr.T and Mo, but I think he deserves better than her.

    Do like Maria and Digby though, was devastated for him after Chantelle left.

  3. mrssatan

    No Posh and no Smugs – but can it last??? *offers up a silent prayer to the Holby deity of choice, perhaps that’s Linden Cullen…* 🙂

    I still want HH back… can’t someone puncture Selfie’s ego and then open a window and watch him fly out of it like a deflating balloon?!? I did agree with him though – Serena can’t really care for Adrienne full-time and give her work 100% – the carers will be of help, but she needs to start looking after herself too. She can’t be everything to everyone; and the wards can’t be her personal adult crèche!

    Loved your comments about Lucy Beale’s murder detective… they were hysterical. I kept looking at her and thinking ‘where have I seen you lately’.

    On a completely separate(ish) matter… anyone notice this episode was co-written by an appropriately named Elliot Hope… wonder if the writer was onboard before they named the character???

  4. MvOC

    Glad to have Ric back, it’ll be good to have another grown-up on AAU. Love watching Catherine Russell and Sandra Voe in action even though it’s heartbreaking and all the more poignant because we know it’s only going to get worse. Selfie once again confirmed his status as Holby’s biggest (and most wooden) tosser.
    Mr T! I want to hug him; every time he appears on screen I want to hug him!

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