Holby City: Hurricane Zosia

digby holby(Series 16, ep.42) Following a short spell in neurosurgery – as a doctor, not even as a patient – the previously competent Digby has gone all under-confident and generally a bit useless now he’s back on Keller. Possibly this is in no small part due to the fact that he lives with Zosia (a woman on the edge of a nervous breakdown) and Dominic (a part-time psychopath with an endless string of gentlemen callers). He doesn’t just live with them and their histrionics, but he has to work with them, too. It’s apparently official Keller policy that all junior doctors must work in groups of three at all times. This leads to the interesting patient of the week finding his/her view of the ward obscured by a solid wall of (appropriately) wine-coloured scrubs at any given time.

dominic zosia digbyThis week’s interesting patient was a buff trainee astronaut, so Zosia and Dom went into flirt overdrive. When it transpired that the astronaut’s mother was dying of cancer and she didn’t want the astronaut to know, Zosia went into meltdown, because it reminded her so much of her own situation. It all culminated in her getting off her face on what the tabloids would call a “lethal booze and drugs cocktail” and collapsing. Luckily this happened in the hospital, and luckily Digby was on hand and was entirely sober and saved her life. It was very dramatic, not least when Digby had to go scuttling off to find the correct meds and was forced to make small talk with Selfie en route. “Treating a colleague with stolen meds is at least a GMC hearing, if not a spell in prison,” Dominic told Digby, comfortingly.  

jac connie holbyWhen he wasn’t making small talk with Digby, Selfie was offering Jac the double crown of Darwin and the Herzig project. She said she didn’t want them – she wanted a spare pair of hands on Darwin while Elliot was laid up. It’s just possible that Selfie could actually be a Machiavellian genius, because the hands he came up with were those of Connie Beauchamp – the one person in the world calculated to turn Jac’s ambition dial up to 11. It was wonderful to see Connie back on Darwin. For some reason she just isn’t Connie when she’s on Casualty, but here it was like she’d never been away. I think I actually squirmed with delight during some of her dialogue with Jac – as a sparring partner only Serena could come close. With my feminist head on, I suppose it was a shame that their barbs were mainly about their children, and their romantic failings (“How is Sam?” “He’s in New York. I hear Joseph found himself a nice little wife”), but it was highly amusing anyway and Connie gave Jac a pep talk about letting her feelings for Elliot get in the way of pursuing her career goals. And as a parting shot, some fashion advice: “Remember… autumn tones!”

raf serena holbyOn AAU, Serena summed up everyone’s feelings about the arrival of Dr Raf Smug’s brother as a patient: “There are two of you. What a treat!” Guiseppe Smug had been in a fight or something, but the main reason he was in hospital was so he could create lots of awkward situations by talking about Baby Smug while Amy, Raf and Dr Posh were all present. It made Dr Raf Smug even more tense than usual, but Serena gave him short shrift when he said he didn’t want Harry operating on his brother. At least he’s agreed to get the nursery ready for the arrival of Baby Smug, and Amy’s eyes lit up in thrilled excitement when he presented her with a ticket to Glasgow to visit his mother. Either she’s glad that he’s finally accepting Baby Smug/Posh, or she’s a big Taggart fan.

Next time: Mr T helps to make Mo smile! 🙂


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6 responses to “Holby City: Hurricane Zosia

  1. MvOC

    The Zosia story was the only one that really held my attention. I think Zosia, Dominic and Arthur have a much better dynamic these days and all three are fabulous actors.

    AAU as usual I just couldn’t care about. And I have chatted to a friend about this and we feel like we must be the only people who don’t get what the fuss is about Connie. I wasn’t pushed about her back in the day but this time around I thought she was incredibly wooden and almost a parody of herself. I wonder whose job it is to sew her into her scrubs before theatre? And why is it that two brilliant, successful women were they mostly reduced to swapping barbed comments about boys and fashion? And now Jac is off yet again for another three week stint overseas, so I presume that suddenly Mo is capable of doing all kinds of miracle surgery now? Last night’s episode made it seem like running Darwin is about tidying up the nurses station now and again and maybe, just maybe, doing one op a week.

  2. HolbyNut

    Love Arthur – he’s getting better and better.

  3. thunderchild

    Great to have Connie back where she belongs (albeit briefly) – so many great lines particularly Jac’s little quips about ED bedpans and the canteen being short staffed! Such a shame that Jac and Serena’s paths rarely cross as these two sparring off each other would be comedy gold. Speaking of Serena – loved her face when brother Smug called her Nurse Ratched!

    Sadly I couldn’t get interested in events down on the Hollyoaks Ward – if there is anything worse than Arthur, Dom and Saucer being at the forefront it’s Sacha and one of his ” hand on the shoulder, titled head, sympathetic smile, exhale” pep-talks

  4. mrssatan

    I was surprised by the depth of bitterness between Connie and Jac, especially as (after the killer heels gift when Connie left the hospital) I thought they’d parted as “friends” (as much as two egos that big ever could be. And sending her on a trip when Connie had to step in because they were short handed??? Let’s hope Mo doesn’t need to eat or sleep or use the facilities any time soon!

    Didn’t buy the whole astronaut story either; that was ruined by the looking after shuttles comment – they were all retired in July 2011 so he’d hardly be helping the crews look after anything on them (unless he’s showing visitors round them in either Florida, California, Virginia or New York – can you tell I checked this out?!?)

    The Brothers Smug storyline was cringeworthy… who cares any more what happens to any of them… and sadly I’m beginning to feel that way about Zosia, Dom and Diggers too.

  5. holbylover819

    Wow that story with Zosia was dramatic. Especially when Digby called it “the stuff of nightmares”. I fear this is not the end for Zosia’s mental breakdown though.

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