Holby City: Today, Professor Hope, you are a patient

elliot holby(Series 16, ep.41) One thing I really loved about this episode was the way Elliot Hope was properly placed in context, with friends past and present and even a visit from his miserable son. There were numerous references to Charlie Off Of Casualty. Elliot had get well soon messages from Joseph (Joseph! Oh, please come and visit Elliot next week. Cumbria isn’t that far) and Connie (who will be visiting next week – hurrah! She’s wasted on Casualty). A box arrived from none other than Henrik Hanssen, and it contained baklava. Remember he brought baklava for Tara Lo when she was facing brain surgery, “to ensure a swift recovery.” That didn’t end well, but he did say at the time that he was “perfecting the recipe,” and the message with this batch was that he has “perfected” it – so its healing powers must be awesome. And the wonderful Mr T wanted to get Elliot a kitten. I do like his thinking.

jac elliot holbyElliot had solid support from Mo, Jonny, Sacha and especially Jac, who was at her absolute cuddliest. She was also distracted by a former Herzig patient who’d decided that Elliot had been negligent. Obviously he hadn’t, and Jac sorted it all out, but by doing so she’s caught the eye of someone called Patsy Brassvine (seriously), who has influential power re the future of the Herzig and thinks Jac would be a much better figurehead than its whiskery, eclair-scoffing inventor. Not for the first time in his career, people are plotting to dump Elliot.  

Might Jac be persuaded into the “pro dumping” camp? She might have been nudged in that direction when Elliot’s angry and petulant son told her that Elliot had been less than complimentary about her parenting skills, but I don’t think so.

selfie digby holbySo what of the op? It all seemed to take place via Elliot’s nose, which made me absolutely cringe and I had to look away, so I couldn’t tell you any details apart from it was apparently successful (a bit of tumour has been left behind in case further drama is needed at some point) – so hurrah, and well done Selfie. Digby, who was assisting, didn’t impress the CEO, though, and he’s been dumped from neurosurgery. I really hope Digby’s next job is in Obs & Gynae, because a Mr T/Digby double act would be a gorgeous thing to behold.

mr t amy raf holbyTalk of “double acts” brings me to that radiant twosome, Mr and Mrs Dr Smug. They actually smiled this week, because they saw their baby on a scan (which also made Dr Raf Smug cry – maybe he thought the foetus looked a bit Posh) and also it looked like they might be getting rid of Dr Posh. Despite being the most useless doctor ever to hang a stethoscope nonchalantly around his neck, if you believe Raf, it turns out that through either genuine skill or Amy’s relentless mentoring, Dr Posh came 15th in the national exams. American institutions are therefore desperate for his services, so it looked like the Smugs might get rid of him.

The problem is that Raf is not convinced that the examiners have got it right and Posh really is all that, and the move to America was dependent on him writing a glowing reference. He had a tussle with his conscience, which was reminiscent of Linden Cullen during his more anguished moments, but minus the visits to the chapel, and told Serena that Posh wasn’t ready for the bright lights of California. 

Next time: Zosia’s descent into post-Jesse hell continues; Dr Raf Smug’s brother Giuseppe Smug turns up; and Connie Beauchamp is back where she belongs.


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9 responses to “Holby City: Today, Professor Hope, you are a patient

  1. The Divine Bebe

    I’d like to ask if anyone has ever worked ANYWHERE where they throw a party cos a NEW staff member announces she’s preggers? Nowhere does that is the answer. You might have something sorted just before someone goes on maternity leave if you really really like them. And she’s a massive bore, so is her husband. That poor fetus. But as for a Diggers/Dr T gynae combo – genius idea. Bring It On…

  2. mrssatan

    I liked the Jac we saw but I could have bitch-slapped Elliot’s brattish offspring for his lies about Jac’s parenting, and his whining about Elliot not having the operation… are we sure he’s not somehow related to the Smugs?!?

  3. Denise Hewson

    How I wish Jac had been there when Joseph’s card was read out, just to see her reaction.

    I totally agree that Connie is wasted in Casualty, she belongs on Darwin, end of.

    I had been hoping that Digby would end up on Darwin next but the idea of him in a double act with the lovely Mr T and having to deal with pregnant women would be glorious to behold.

    As if 2.5 Smugs were not enough to deal with we get to meet Seppe Smug next week – can we take all this (smug) excitement???

  4. HolbyNut

    Oh, Holby is on a roll at the minute! Loved Jac’s hug with Eliiot on the stairs and his simple comment to her about being a Mother – tear to the eye and all that…
    But why oh why, when Selfie said that he needed to be on his A-game for Elliot’s op, would he ask Diggers to assist, who was as useful as the proverbial ashtray on a motorbike????
    Thought of Connie coming back next week – oh joy! PLA,maybe it’s possible, just possible, that Joseph might make a return visit at some stage…

  5. Bobble

    Oh my God Arthur and Mr T together? Holby City MAKE IT HAPPEN

  6. MvOC

    Elliot’s scenes were all fantastic, his son seemed randomly irritating though. and Elliot’s scenes with Jac were far more touching. I was glad the op didn’t go pear-shaped, between Self’s not very encouraging bedside manner and then bringing Digby in on the act I was probably more nervous than Elliot! I sat glued to the screen willing Digby not freak out and cause Self to pull the wrong bit of Elliot’s brain out through his nose!
    AAU was just bizarre. The Smugs (and I include Posh here as an Honorary Smug given he’s family now) all need to get relocated to the US, or maybe the Arctic. Serena’s enthusiasm for both the pregnancy news and Posh had me wondering if she was a little tipsy.
    Digby and Mr T as an Obs & Gynea super duo NEEDS to happen! Surely if Keller can be turned into a neurosurgery ward at the drop of a hat then there’s room somewhere for Obs & Gynea! If TPTB insist on making us suffer further with the Smugs then they should at least give us a Digby and Mr T double act as a reward!

  7. I want Connie back in Holby city please I miss her so I love her she is hot

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