Holby City: Stage fright

elliott jonny holby(Series 16, ep.40) It was the day of the grand unveiling of the Herzig 5. It hardly seems any time at all since we were gasping and marvelling at the Herzig 1, does it?

The problem was that Elliott, as we know, hasn’t been well. He’s been dropping things, falling over and getting tetchy. He’s had an MRI. He’s looked at the results in a troubled manner. It’s something scary and big, and it’s not what you want when there’s a ground-breaking, life-saving piece of kit to showcase and Selfie is relying on you to sell it to the world.

It all culminated in Elliott going wobbly in the middle of doing the operation, just at the point where the machines were going beep. It was all going to go horribly wrong! Elliott’s life’s work would be in ruins! If only there was someone who could take over…   

jac holbyThen she arrived, like a Venus in scrubs – Jac Naylor, straight off the plane from Stockholm and into a Darwin theatre like she’d never been away. Jonny asked her why she came back. “Something isn’t right,” was her reply. Elliott hadn’t been replying to her messages, Mo was sounding concerned – Jac had the idea Elliott might need her.

So she saved the patient’s life, gave a brilliant presentation and the orders for the H5 were soon rolling in. She really is magnificent.

jac elliott holbyMore important to her was Elliott’s health: “Despite my cold and passive exterior I am moderately fond of you,” she told him. In fact she showed just how fond she is of him when he was being wheeled off for an MRI scan and Jac wanted to go with him rather than give the Herzig presentation. My, how she’s changed. 

Rather worryingly as far as I’m concerned, it seems she’s caught the eye of the odious Selfie. I do not want to see a romance developing between those two, but I fear that’s where we’re headed. He’s impressed with her surgery and presentation skills (a turnaround from thinking she had “the people skills of the Ebola virus”), and she’ll be impressed when he saves Elliott’s life, as it turns out Elliott has a probably benign but needs-to-be-out tumour that Selfie is pretty confident he can remove.

serena holbyWhile Elliott was having a traumatic time upstairs, down in AAU it was a bit of a day for Serena, too. She was about to be sued by a relative of that man who jumped off the roof, Selfie was on at her for something or other, she had a patient with puzzling symptoms – and to top it all off, she had to look after her mother by giving her a bed in AAU and expecting her not to go AWOL at any point. I think we have to leave the ethics of doing this in the bay marked “artistic license,” because the point was Serena’s conflict at wanting to do the best for her mum while also wishing it was a problem she didn’t have to face (once again some beautiful work from Catherine Russell and Sandra Voe). 

This is a story that can’t have a happy ending, and at the end of the episode, while Serena had managed to sort out her legal difficulties and had gained Selfie’s respect, things with her mother took on a worse turn when her mother hit out at her in the car park.

digby zosia holbyDarwin wasn’t the only place for broken hearts this week, because Zosia was nursing one on Keller, and it was her own. Jesse was ignoring her calls, and Zosia was so upset she started smoking. Luckily she had Dominic on hand to go “Ugh!” and deter her from the evil weed. She also had Digby, everybody’s consolation nerd, but he rejected her when she pounced on him because he’s going out with Marine Maria and he’s a very, very nice man.

Next time: Smug/Posh/Barf; Jac tries to help Elliot out; and Elliot puts himself in Selfie’s hands.


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10 responses to “Holby City: Stage fright

  1. Thunderchild

    Jac’s back! Hurrah! A shame Connie didn’t put in an appearance for Elliot’s big day – but I was pleased to read that she will be once again be gracing Darwin in the not too distant future!

    I think artistic liscene also covers the “hollyoaks ward” that is Keller; have noticed a cotinual trend where Sacha appears at the start at the end and leaves Digby, Saucer and Psycho to get on with it. Get Ric Griffin back pronto!

    Good to see Serena finally show some fight with Selfie (did love his line about Jac’s people skills) and even Colette appeared more human; isn’t it time she had a storyline though?

    • Chloe Derbyshire

      Even if they did get Ric back he’d be on AAU anyway. I think the person we’re looking for to try (and probably fail thinking about it) to resolve this mess is Michael. And (thankfully) I’ve read that this is also supposed to be happening in the not do distant future. Hooray!!!!

  2. MvOC

    Despite Jac’s perfectly timed arrival to save the day being incredibly cliched, I quite enjoyed the Darwin story. I like it when we’re given little Jac/Elliot moments.

    Does Sacha do any actual work these days? How has Keller gone from needing two consultants and a registrar to the current situation? And will Elliot be on Keller for his Big Op given that it’s where all neuro cases go these days? (I know of course he won’t!). I think Camilla is a great actress and Zosia’s downward spiral looks like its about to get a lot worse (and dramatic) but Keller has been really lacking in something lately. Dominic’s return brought some sparkle back last night but I kind of preferred him on AAU cutting dull Harry off at the knees with his wit!

    The Serena/Adrienne story is heartbreaking and I predict at some point its going to bring me to tears. I thought it was a little confusing that the patient she knew was called Gabby, given that a friend of her daughter was a patient once and also called Gabby. It took me a moment to figure out if it was meant to be the same girl, especially when Adrienne seemed so familiar with her. Colette was an actual human being for once and I like the friendship between her and Serena. Holby has been long overdue a non-bitchy grown-up female friendship and I hope this gets developed further.

    It was such a beautiful relief to have a break from the Smugs and Posh – why can’t that last?

  3. holbylover819

    I liked how Zosia’s response to a bad day was “gym, then bed” Arthur offered to cook a meal and Dom was all ‘let’s get drunk!’. His “she’s heartbroken you idiot” was his best line yet.
    Also, I have an awful feeling Elliot’s really not going to be alright. Selfie seemed too assured that it was going to be fine. At least they’ll be nobody knocking stuff onto the floor this time.

  4. Carmen davidson

    Will jac and johnny get back together?

  5. mrssatan

    Best line ever was the Ebola virus one… I think I’ll have it on my tombstone!

  6. Chloe Derbyshire

    For some reason for quite a while now I’ve been thinking you need to change Selfie’s nickname to Selfish, as that’s definitely the way he has been acting lately. Don’t ask why I’ve only just decided to voice that opinion but hey.

  7. HolbyNut

    Hurrah, Jac’s back! Best episode of Holby in absolutely ages, loved it! Serena was marvellous and Jac and Elliot supremely touching. Fab!

  8. Dreamer

    Jac’s back + Jac/Elliot = yay!
    But Jac/Selfie? Ew. Isn’t it bad enough we had to suffer through J/J?!

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