Holby City: Fun with Mo and an open chest cavity

mo jonny holby(Series 16, ep.39) Jonny Mac was making plans for him and Emma to move to Scotland this week. I’m not sure how that ties in with his promise to Emma to “get Mummy back,” but it’s irrelevant anyway as it doesn’t look like he’s going (sigh) – not now he’s remembered how much fun he can have with Mo and an open chest cavity.

The Darwin story involved a pregnant 49 year old, which was excellent news because it provided an excuse for Mr T to be summoned. Surely it can only be a matter of time before we see his face in the opening titles? Give him his own ward, get Mubbs back and I think we’d have a dream team right there. But on the topic of “dream team” – did you notice Mr T pop his arm around Mo as they walked out of shot in his first scene? Bless!  

jesse holbyTo Keller now, where Jesse, a man people like to smash themselves against, spent the episode almost resisting Zosia’s attempts to smash herself against him. Selfie had offered him a job which sounded like the best job any anaesthetist in the history of laughing gas has ever been offered, Selfie was that thrilled with it. Jesse turned this fantastic opportunity down, and when pressed as to why, he said it was so Zosia didn’t keep smashing herself against him. So Selfie smashed his fist against Jesse’s nose instead – what we might term a “Self-inflicted injury.”

digby holbyJesse drove away (has he gone for good now then?) and Zosia was left staring sadly at his departing vehicle and angrily up at the Window of Regret, from which Selfie was staring down at her in a Greek tragedy type manner. 

Keller high point: Digby giving Jesse advice between the shelves of a trolley.

raf holbyAAU was a pool of Smug/Posh/Barf gloom. Dr Amy Smug spent most of the time lurking in her medicine cupboard, where she was ever so slightly menaced by an upset patient. Dr Raf Smug spent most of the episode teetering on the verge of tears (he’s far more tearful than Dr Oliver Valentine ever was), and Posh looked apprehensive. Eventually Smug told Posh that Amy had had a paternity test and the father of the child was not Posh. Posh was so thrilled he tossed his car keys up in the air with a cheery gesture. Smug went to find Amy in her medicine cupboard to tell her what he’d done. The high point on AAU was Smug climbing into a toilet cubicle and kind of abseiling down the walls. 

Next time: ‘What’s the Matter With Elliott?’ reaches crisis point; Serena has to bring her mum to work; and Zosia is missing Jesse.


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3 responses to “Holby City: Fun with Mo and an open chest cavity

  1. mrssatan

    I am going to laugh for days at your Self-inflicted injury comment…

    As soon as Mr T appeared on the screen I turned to Mother Satan and said “That’s Sue from PLA happy for the night…” I’m sure I could hear you squeeing 😉

    So SecretEscapes has yet another reason to hate her father *yawn*, getting a bit tedious now; in fact nearly as tedious as Custodygate was and Posh/Smug/Barf is! Robonurse2000 is in the bad books too… guess she’ll be down in the basement in her recharging pod (think the Borg) sulking…

    • wiggles

      Loved your Self-inflicted injury comment too 🙂 and Mr T!!!
      I do fear for Digby if Selfie finds out that he knew too, although am thinking he’ll be too busy with Elliot to sort Digby out for the next few weeks….

  2. Collins1965

    Raf looks a bit like Spiderman in that photo!!

    I loved Digby giving Jesse advice about Zosia through the trolley shelves too. He seems to have a bit of a strange change of heart about Zosia’s feelings next week though.

    I am sorry to see Jesse go – he could have been a great character. They seem to have difficulty finding and holding on to anethethists these days – first Edward and now Jesse gone.

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