Holby City: Posh baby or Smug husband?

elliot holby(Series 16, ep.38)   Someone at Holby HQ had been raiding the Camoxidan cupboard for last night’s episode (possibly it was left unguarded while Dr Amy Smug was busy barfing in her mouth somewhere else). It was one of those episodes with odd camera angles and general randomness, and a particularly hallucinatory scene where Elliot Hope wandered off into the basement in search of the source of a ghostly moaning sound. Was it in his own not very well head? Was it the ghost of Linden Cullen, doomed forever to walk the corridors in search of Faye? Was it a corpse who wasn’t actually dead (it’s happened before)? Or was it a live patient who believed he was a corpse? It was Leonard Bloom, a live patient who believed he was a corpse. “I am already dead,” he announced to Elliot, adding disturbingly, “You are as dead as I am.” As if Mr Bloom wasn’t being metaphorical enough, he was also a watchmaker and he had a special watch that stopped the moment he “died” – and started again the moment Mo fixed him, because he wasn’t really dead, he was just spooky and unwell.  

Adele proved once again that’s she more than just a HCA, and when she has a hunch you darn well should listen to her, and Elliot was left to get on with working on his presentation for the Herzig 5. Was it significant that he addressed his presentation to the late lamented Tara Lo? In an episode Loaded With Significance, you have to bet it was. 

amy harry holbyReluctantly I’m now dragging myself to the lower floors of the hospital. The Smugs were still at odds over Dr Amy Smug’s drunken decision to “sleep with” Dr Harry Posh and not take a morning after pill the morning after. The stress made Raf Smug have a panic attack, and he said if the baby wasn’t his, Amy would have to choose – Posh baby or Smug husband. He insisted that Amy went immediately to see Mr T and get a paternity test. 

I’m going to pause here for a fangirl moment re Mr T. He’s so tall! So smiley! And his voice is so gorgeous!

amy raf holbyThat has distracted me so much that I can’t actually be bothered to go into any more details about Smug/Posh/Barf except to say that Posh now knows that Amy is With (Possibly His) Child, she’s decided to keep it never mind who the father is, and Raf has decided there’s no way he can bring up a Posh child, so he left Amy on the roof gazing into the Borehamwood sunset and walked off, blinking his super-long eyelashes tearfully.

zosia holbyOn Keller, Zosia is teetering on the brink of going total bunny boiler on Jesse. He decided to back off a bit as Colette’s words (“Exterminate! Exterminate!”) were still ringing in his ears. You’re only allowed to back off from Zosia if she says you can, and she hadn’t said anything of the sort. When an old friend of Jesse’s turned up as mother-of-a-patient, Zosia turned into seething ball of jealous crossness. Jesse told her they needed to cool off their relationship – he’s like a rock that people smash themselves against, apparently. Zosia looked like she wouldn’t have minded smashing herself against him in the linen cupboard a bit more, but Jesse wasn’t keen. So Zosia ended up getting very drunk indeed, and Digby rather magnificently told Jesse what he thought of him, before taking Zosia home to hold her hair back while she puked. 

Next time: Mo tries to stop Jonny Mac moving to Scotland; Zosia gets even more bunny boiler; and Smug/Posh/Barf.


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11 responses to “Holby City: Posh baby or Smug husband?

  1. The Divine Bebe

    I think there was some little joke going on with the scriptwriters re James Joyce’s Ulysses and the recent celebration of it, Bloomsday – the protagonist of that is called Leopold Bloom, but I’m puzzled as to quite how that all worked. I did a lot of fast forwarding in this ep, it was very irritating by and large I’m afraid.I don’t like Smug, Posh or Barf to care about their drama.

  2. HolbyNut

    I love, love, love Arthur though….

  3. mrssatan

    There was so much “brain speak” going on in this episode that my will to live got up and went into another room!

    Smug is in need of Elliot’s ex (whose name escapes me); Barf needs to go do a medication stocktake off camera forever; and Posh needs to go back and rejoin his boy band…

    What is wrong with Elliot also needs to be resolved… if they drag it out for much longer I may need to remove my eyeballs with a spork!

    • You’re right about the brain speak, mrssatan. AAU was just seething with it. Elliot’s ex is Psych Sharon. And the spork is the perfect tool for eyeball removal (which thought has made me feel a tad queasy).

      • mrssatan

        Queasy? Not morning sickness I hope – you been to visit a certain Joseph Byrne?!? 😉

      • I’m shocked! Both Dr Byrne and I are happily married, and not even to each other either. Plus you’ve made me remember why I was queasy in the first place (spork). Evil, evil mrssatan.

      • mrssatan

        The Titanium Spork of Doom. Ahhh; such fond memories… 😈

  4. holbylover819

    Good for Amy though in regards to deciding to keep the baby. Raf was being stubborn beforehand refusing to bring up any child that wasn’t his own even though he couldn’t have children. Stopping Amy from having something she really wanted was mean. I’m incredibly interested to see Harry’s reaction in the long term now it’s not just “a bit of adultery”. The episode did seem a bit ridiculously removed from reality especially in the Darwin story.

  5. wiggles

    Well Casualty’s going all Scandi-noirish so I suppose its only fair that Holby can go hokish-pokish (and slightly hallucinatory!!)

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