Casualty: Connie’s new queendom

zoe jeff casualty(Series 28, ep.42) I really should make the effort to watch Casualty every week, because when I do watch it I invariably enjoy it.

This was a cracking episode. There was a dramatic helicopter crash, followed by one of those tense “the roof’s about to cave in!” moments that always sees at least one of our plucky medics in dire peril. In this case it was my favourite, Dr Zoe Hanna, who was being ably assisted by my other favourite, The Lovely Jeff. Zoe had wisely taken the option of attending a dangerous incident rather than the alternative, which was being summoned upstairs to have a chat with (my unfavourite) Selfie. 

connie casualtyBecause I don’t watch every week, I’ve missed what’s been going on with Zoe/Connie/Selfie, but from what I’ve gleaned, Selfie was just looking for an excuse to oust Zoe from the Clincal Lead job so the more ruthless and corporate Connie could take over the role. Something happened previously to ensure that Zoe was on shaky ground anyway, but this week she realised that there’s more to doctoring than Selfie’s targets and performance indicators, and she told him he ought to give the Clinical Lead job to someone who wants it. “You want it, don’t you?” she asked Connie. “Yes,” said Connie, after only the briefest of dramatic pauses just to be polite.  

casualtySo we left Connie leaning on the balcony railing gazing down at her new empire of used swabs and cardboard sick bowls, looking ever so happy. And we left Zoe with her head held high, ciggie in hand and being trailed by the prettiest man in the hospital (Max), who thinks she’s marvellous. I know who I think got the best side of that bargain.

Meanwhile, Ethan and Cal carried on their sibling rivalry via the medium of Dr Lily Chao, which ended up in Ethan punching Cal in the car park (ouch). 

Next time: Tess in deadly danger! Fletch to the rescue! I’m not missing that one.


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11 responses to “Casualty: Connie’s new queendom

  1. The Divine Bebe

    Yes, the script writers are sticking to that tired old chestnut, you can’t have two powerful women in a TV programme without them having a go at each other and one being defeated. Funny how Holby and Casualty seem to operate fine with lots of big egoed men around…

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one to love Zoe. I’d be very disappointed if Connie taking over means that we see less of her.

  3. Eilis

    I think I’m in a minority of one in not being a fan of Connie’s so I hope she’s not in for the long haul. I missed a few episodes, have we had an explanation as to what’s she’s doing in A&E anyway? I’m hoping Nick Jordan returns so he and Zoe can show Connie the door.

    • I’m not a fan of Connie as a character either. If I were waiting for heart surgery, I’d like a doctor with their mind on the job of surgery, not plotting Machiavellian schemes for power.

  4. Al

    I actually think Connie has injected a real shot of adrenalin into the show (sorrry!) As Sue intimated above her stout defence of Zoe to Selfless was a great moment. However, I do agree with Eilis in that we need an explanation at some point as to her motives to wanting to work in the ED (Clinical Lead role aside!)

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