Game Of Thrones: Tywin up loose ends…

Season 4 Episode 10

WARNING: Contains SPOILERS for the most recent Game Of Thrones episode

The shit was all hitting the fan  (and the floor in Tywin Lannister’s case) in this season’s final visit to the eternally uplifting Westeros. In a melee of blood and guts, Game Of Thrones outdid its previous standards with the quantity of central character demises in a single episode, particularly those who were excreting moments earlier.

The most prominent development (I say prominent, but the build up was sadly lacking, with only the closing scenes of the episode giving any focus to it) was Tyrion’s sudden escape from his prison cell courtesy of Jaime Lannister, who always goes above and beyond (and below) for his siblings. Tyrion had the option of slipping away quietly but instead sought a showdown with his father first. Tywin was occupied with a lengthy stool on the toilet (we’ve all been there, bless him) but his bedroom was not empty. Tyrion’s heart was ripped asunder as Shae turned over, muttering Tywin’s name while she lay in his bed.  

Missing from this scene was vital dialogue which would have made Tyrion’s subsequent actions a little more explicable to people not familiar with the books. Nevertheless, Peter Dinklage’s performance as Tyrion snuffed the life out of his former love was flawless. His agonised wail as he felt her body go limp was heartbreaking and would have been all the more so if the episode had divulged the full horrible story of Tywin, Shae and Jaime’s betrayal. Tyrion was more bloodthirsty than ever in the wake of these events, and he burst in on Tywin’s lavatory break armed with a crossbow. Tywin tried to maintain his cold and cool facade to the end, but he most definitely lost the dignity he deemed so important as he was filled with bolts from the son he had always despised. With Tywin dead, Tyrion had no choice but to leave King’s Landing in a boat, no doubt carrying him off into further trouble.

This wasn’t the only major showdown of the episode either, as two of my favourite characters, Brienne and The Hound, squared up to each other in arguably Game The HoundOf Thrones’ most superior fight sequence to date. And only one would walk away. The Hound may be badass, but my money had always been on Brienne and despite taking a few nasty hits in places only Game Of Thrones would depict, she sent The Hound tumbling down a cliff into a bloody mess. Arya had witnessed the entire fight, for she was the reason for it, but she ignored The Hound’s pleas for her to kill him, instead taking his money and leaving him to suffer.  “Arya for real!?” I cried. Still, Arya”s actions leave a slight hope that the Hound may howl again… but it certainly was looking bleak at the foot of that cliff.

Elsewhere, Danaerys was having a difficult day at the office. Her first visitor was pleading to be returned to his slavers, to which Dany relented, reluctantly undermining her efforts thus far. Also undermining her quest to bring peace to the underdogs are her mischievous little dragons, who have gotten into that annoying pet habit of scorching toddlers to death. My cat keeps bringing in mice, so I know how Danaerys feels. Realising that her dragons couldn’t go on this way, she was forced to chain them up in a cave as they screeched for their mother in a surprisingly heart wrenching scene.

The North was still recuperating from their recent episode-long battle and Jon Snow was on a mission to confront the head of the Wildlings and end the conflict once and for all. The meeting was going relatively well until Stannis and Davos turned up from nowhere and claimed the North pretty effortlessly. The Red Woman, as always, was in tow and a lingering stare between her and Jon Snow suggests there will be tension to come here. That can be dealt with next season though; for now, Jon concentrated on saying a final farewell to Ygritte, burning her body in her native North land.

Meanwhile, paralysed Harry Potter and his motley crew had found the magic tree they were looking for. It had been so long since we had seen them for any length of time that I forgot why they were looking for a tree. But before I could figure it out, they were attacked by skeleton zombies from underground (obviously) and the cute boy from Love Actually turned creepy magic teen from Game Of Thrones met his end much earlier than he did in the books. Bran, Hodor and the bland girl were rescued by a strange child who led them into a magical cave inhabited by an elderly man made of branches, who promised that he would make Bran fly. Bran was not fazed by any of this and nor was I in all honesty, as I could concentrate on nothing but Bran’s breaking voice every time he spoke. It’s flaking into adulthood… Bran flaking one could say.

It was an eventful episode which possibly crammed too many huge events into one edition, which may have slightly diluted the effect. Nevertheless, it was 65 minutes of jaw dropping television and Game Of Thrones ended a particularly bloodthirsty run in such an apt way – as with the rest of Season 4, with death, death and more death.

In Westeros, every man dies. No more than now has that been more literal. Will anyone make it to the end of Season 5? Only a year to wait, folks!

What did you think of this season and the show-stopping finale? Leave your thoughts below. Also, please do follow me on Twitter:

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2 responses to “Game Of Thrones: Tywin up loose ends…

  1. wiggles

    Have never watched the series or read the books (I know, I know – it’s on my list) so have no idea who anybody you’re talking about is but loved this review anyway (rather like Sue’s ones for Waterloo Road)

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