Holby City: Bring your daughter to work day

elliot holby(Series 16, ep.35)  Don’t tell me Holby isn’t educational. Aside from learning all manner of instantly forgettable stuff about crustaceans, I also discovered, via Jac Naylor and the power of Google, that Gigglebiz is a real TV series for kids. I’m no longer up on that sort of thing, what with PLA Jr being nearly 17 and that, so I had to check.

We learned a lot about Emma and her preferences, as Jac had sacked the third nanny in a row (for putting Emma to bed too early so Jac never saw her) and was forced to bring her daughter into work. The crèche was full. The crèche is always full, and if Selfie wasn’t so busy building his empire and obsessing about Zosia, he might usefully employ himself in sorting out better crèche facilities.

jonny holbyNo staff member’s child has ever spent a day at Holby without going missing, but Jac was fairly confident in leaving Emma with Elliot while she was in theatre. Unfortunately, as we’ve glimpsed previously, Elliot isn’t quite his usual self and he wandered off and left Emma to her own devices for a bit, during which time she promptly vanished. My money was on her being with Paula, who was in the hospital with pneumonia. Emma did end up with Paula, but that was via Jonny Mac after he found his daughter being looked after by Adele.  

I can’t actually believe I’m dwelling so long on what I could have quickly summarised as “Custodygate: the latest chapter.” Basically, the court date is looming (and can’t come soon enough for me), Paula is dying (ditto) and Jonny Mac continues to be an annoying whine-bag.

But the important question still remains – what is the matter with Elliot?

amy holby cityIn the bowels of the hospital known as AAU, don’t say the word “bowels” or Dr Amy Smug might well chunder on your shoes. Dr Harry Posh proved that he’s not really cut out to be a doctor by not twigging that his colleague and former bed-mate is pregnant, but that’s probably because he lives in a bubble which reflects his own ego back at him so sparklingly that he can’t see much of the real world outside it. When Amy wasn’t hurling into the nearest staff sink (nice), she was forging ahead with her scheme to mentor Harry within an inch of his life in an effort to get him qualified and promoted to Anywhere But Here. Would this really be the job of a consultant pharmacist? Anyway, it all went pear-shaped and now Serena has her eye on the pair of them.

Also on AAU, Essie – the granddaughter of the Nazi war criminal, who is now a nurse – is getting mysterious phone calls. This will be important next week.

digby holbyLove was in the air on Keller. Zosia and Uncle Jesse are now very much An Item (it’s not as weird as I expected it to be), but don’t tell Selfie because he wouldn’t like it. Digby didn’t like it, either, but he was distracted by a pretty marine biologist, who turned out to be every bit as nerdy as him. It was a match made in heaven, and provided ample opportunities for Digby to demonstrate that he has the most beautiful smile in the NHS.

Next time: More Custodygate; and Sacha is front page news. And because of bloomin’ football, Holby will be on Thursday.


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7 responses to “Holby City: Bring your daughter to work day

  1. Dawn

    Jac’s rendition of “na na na na na na Gigglebiz” was the best.
    I actually quite liked the Rat Pack members last night. They’re growing on me like an ageing algae.
    I actually spent time lying awake last night worrying abut Elliot!!! Come on Selfie – notice his tremors and dizziness etc. The man needs an MRI!

    • While I do want Elliot’s problem to be swiftly diagnosed and sorted out (because he’s lovely), I’m not sure I can cope with Selfie being the one to do it. Do you think they’ll go down the brain tumour route so soon after dear departed Tara?

      • Emma

        With the way Holby’s telling its storylines at the moment, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was an contagious rare angina-induced brain tumour that he caught from Tara.

  2. mrssatan

    I agree; Custodygate and the Paula storyline *yawn*… and ditto with Posh/Smug/Barf – cure for insomnia if ever there was one!

    Agree that we need to know what is wrong with Elliot – spotted his face looks much younger than his hair and beard – only noticed that this week… very curious…


  3. H's Mum

    Lovely work as ever Pausio. Am bored beyond belief like many another it would seem with custodygate, Posh/Smug/Barf, while Jessie/Zosia/Selfie is such repeat of Jess/Zubin/Ric it makes one wonder if the current PTB have any idea of the back catalogue. In fact, do the current PTB have any idea how real life works at all? – Think we know the answer to that one. – Snorted with disbelief when CEO (Selfie) confided in Junior Doctor (Digby) re the work and personal history of a Consultant (Jessie) also a personal friend of the CEO. Get a grip Holby writers/editors!

  4. HolbyNut

    Loved, loved, loved Digby meeting his perfect match. Just lovely. And lol re the complicated connotations of Roast Chicken – brilliant! So in character of Diggers. More of this please from Holby writers!

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