The Chase: An exciting day at the office

We review a lot of thrilling television at PauseLiveAction. Game Of Thrones cannot end an episode these days without killing off a main character as brutally as possible and  Waterloo Road has been held atshaun gunpoint, burnt down and bulldosed in as many years. Casualty remains the most eventful hospital in the world whereas Coronation Street recently was not content with having Tina McIntyre fall off of a balcony; they had to show her getting her head caved in with an iron pole for good measure.

And yet all of these exciting television moments may well have been trumped tonight by a humble teatime quiz show. The reason it’s foolish to miss an episode of The Chase isn’t necessarily because every episode promises a rollercoaster ride or a Fanny Chmelar moment but that you run the risk of missing the episode where the contestants win big.  

And win big they did! Aside from Celebrity Charity specials, tonight’s episode saw the show’s biggest pot won to date, with a massive £80,000 split between two very strong players who kept their cool against Mr Cool himself: Shaun Wallace AKA The Dark Destroyer.

With one player adding £72,000 himself, the final chase was geared up to be a thriller but until that buzzer chimed, you never wanted to dare hope that these two people’s lives would change forever. But change they did. Every mistake that Shaun made, the team were on him and the irreplaceable presenter, Bradley Walsh summed up the emotions of the moment by hugging a crying team member who couldn’t quite believe what had happened. In the face of defeat (losing £80k can’t be easy!) Shaun was as charming and magnanimous as ever, offering hugs and handshakes to the winners and declaring it a bad day at the office.

That’s the real joy of a show like the Chase. What other show, on 5 times a week, can suddenly on an unadvertised Wednesday afternoon chuck an episode like that into the mix?

As discussed in an earlier post of mine it’s the mix of excitement, charm, humour and sheer unpredictability which makes The Chase a hit.

And long may it reign supreme.

Speaking of the Chase, if you’ve been under a rock and haven’t yet read my interview with the fantastic Anne Hegerty, you can find it here. She epitomises the charm of the show.

And I have finally joined the masses in the new century by joining Twitter. Follow me please by following this link!

Did you enjoy tonight’s Chase? Who is your favourite Chaser? And who should I interview next; can they possibly top Anne!?

The comments box is your oyster.

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5 responses to “The Chase: An exciting day at the office

  1. Shirley Athey

    Ah missed it but will watch it after reading your review. Sounds really good. Would be brilliant if you got Bradley Walsh to do an interview!!

  2. Hazel athey

    The chase – best ever, edge of seat watching, two contestants winning £80.000, brilliant. Shaun Wallace charming in defeat.

  3. incoddwetrust

    Any idea why that episode has disappeared from catch up and ITV player?? Says no longer available on ITV player but wasn’t there ever!

  4. wallomrslug

    I’m afraid I don’t. If it’s any help, here is the final chase from the episode on Youtube:

  5. Rebecca

    Can anyone send me a link to this episode as it was my grandad!?

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