Holby City: A proper cad

amy selfie holby(Series 16, ep.34)  There’s been a massive development in the Smug/Smug/Posh triangle! I can exclusively reveal that the Triangle will henceforth be known as Smug/Queasy/Posh, since Dr Amy Smug spent most of the episode gipping into her own mouth and unable to look a muffin in the face. Lightweight. By this stage of her pregnancy Jac was on a heady combination of chocolate and anchovies.

There’s a sinister side to the triangle, too, as Dr Harry Posh (currently unaware that Dr Amy is pregnant because, unlike Selfie, he hasn’t had his hands on thousands of pregnant women in his career yet) is blackmailing Amy. Basically she has to smooth the path of his career-haltingly troublesome relationship with Dr Raf Smug, or else Posh will spill the beans about their night of drunken lust. The cad! “I’m a proper cad,” he told Amy. The proper cad!

As previously mentioned, Selfie knows at a glance that a woman is pregnant – it’s just one of his billions of skills – so he twigged that the Smugs are multiplying and took Amy to Pulses for a heart-to-heart, where he also worked out that Posh might be the father. Just why he thought Pulses was the venue for a woman with a muffin aversion is a puzzle, because muffins are the only food they sell.  

The upshot of this is that Amy has now taken it upon herself to mentor Dr Posh, in an effort to try and get him promotable, at which point he’ll hopefully leave. It’s obviously a plan which is doomed to fail, and would indeed be a ticking time bomb, if I could manage to care about any of the three of them.

mo jonny adele holbyAAU was getting a bit crowded, so Mo was back on Darwin this week. This meant she had to work with her sister, whom Jonny has taken under his wing as new best drinking buddy and trainee phlebotomist. They were looking after a patient I couldn’t help thinking of as Juliet Bravo (you need to be a certain age). This lady was totally star struck at the thought that Mo was the Actual Real Dr Mo Off Of The Radio. It’s not been nice seeing Mo be all sarcastic and horrible to her sister, but I have enjoyed her diva moments – Chizzy Akudolu seemed to be having great fun swanning about in fancy frocks and shades and enjoying her stardom. It looks like she’ll be toning it down now, though, as she turned down a fashion shoot so she could go and visit Mama Effanga for her birthday and admitted to Adele that being “Dr Mo” had enabled her to feel as confident as Adele always seems. I hadn’t actually noticed Mo lacking in confidence previously, but maybe she hides it well.

zosia jesse holbyOn Keller, meanwhile, Zosia started the day badly when she scored 22% in a patients’ survey of her bedside manner. The day ended with her slamming Uncle Jesse lustfully against the lockers – if she has a moment she could possibly analyse her need to slam men against things.

Next time: More Smug/Queasy/Posh; more Custodygate (with added Bumbling Elliot); and love is in the air for Digby.


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8 responses to “Holby City: A proper cad

  1. Mary Drew.

    It was niggling me all evening who she was and you remembered! Juliet Bravo………yes, I’m that old 😦

  2. The Divine Bebe

    I AM of a certain age and I DO remember Juliet Bravo. That hat! Aha!

    Back in Holby, I just want to shove Smug into the cadaver fridge in the morgue. He’s so very annoying. Like an eager beaver crossed with an Eveready battery bunny. Would make me want to chuck my muffin too tbh.

  3. fredpipes

    How could you not mention Lindsey Corkhill from Brooky presenting with a giant boil?

  4. Dawn

    The AAU triangle is rather nauseating. How come the other staff haven’t picked up on the storm brewing around them?

    How’s Selfie going to react to the news that his bezzie Uncle Jesse is having rather different ‘relations’ with his daughter?! I admit I do like our new anaesthetist though.

    I didn’t pick up on Juliet Bravo! Was too irritated by ‘our Linds’ and her postulated armpit…

  5. holbylover819

    That moment between Guy and Amy was unexpected. He knows, out of all people? I guess she hasn’t been at Holby long enough to make close friends but hey Guy seemed to be doing alright in the absense.

  6. HolbyNut

    Zosia is just …well….a bit scary – like seriously, there couldn’t possibly be 20-something year-olds out there like that, really?
    Harry’s character now is just not believable as I thought at one stage he really did like Amy, on a different level to all the other chicks he seems to frequent. Wonder if he’ll come over all public-school / do the right thing etc when he finds out that Amy is preggers. Can’t be long, can it?

  7. Thunderchild

    I noticed Mary Claire wasn’t in the opening titles; I had assumed she was off filming The Fall but given Ric still appears I fear she might be gone for good.

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