Holby City: Life finds a way

raf amy holby(Series 16, ep.33) Where was Ric Griffin in this episode? He was behind the camera, as Hugh Quarshie had his first bash at directing (there’s an interview about that here).

Content-wise, we were back to Smug/Smug/Posh (which took a not completely unexpected twist) and Custodygate (which didn’t). More amusingly, Mo has gone all showbiz and Adele has gone all Darwin.

serena adrienneThe most engrossing storyline was Serena’s. Her mum Adrienne reappeared, this time as a visitor, come to see her friend Roger, who was a patient. It quickly became clear that Adrienne was suffering from the Curse of the Holby Visitor – nine times out of ten they end up having something worse than the patient has. In this case, Adrienne was showing signs of dementia, which Selfie verified with a quiz after Adrienne nearly killed Roger by giving him soluble aspirin, which he was allergic to. It was clear that Adrienne was going to need support, and Serena was soon on the hunt for a nice care home. It’s not that she doesn’t love her mother and care about her – it was etched on her face that she does – but both mother and daughter are feisty, independent types. Serena was left with no choice but to have Adrienne move in with her for now – an arrangement which is bound to take its toll.  

harry raf holbyOn AAU, Dr Amy Smug was feeling queasy, which wasn’t helped by being leered at by Dr Posh every five minutes. It turns out she’s pregnant (I know. Shocker. *blank expression*). Who’s the daddy? Could one of Dr Raf Smug’s inadequate sperms have hit the target? Or is Baby Smug the result of Amy’s one night stand with Dr Posh when she was bladdered? Either way, the news has made Dr Smug go even smugger, but obviously this may be temporary. Meanwhile, Dr Posh is unaware that he may have sired a Smugette, but is busy blackmailing Amy to get her to get Raf to be nicer to him. Amy is so fed up with this she’s considering moving to Denmark.

harry mr t mo holbyThe best thing about the Baby Smug storyline is that it involved the very welcome appearance of Mr T, who was on AAU for a quick consult, had time to advise Amy on the likelihood of rubbish sperm doing the trick (“Life finds a way”) and then had a little flirt with Mo. He should really try harder at this “flirting with Mo” business, because she really likes him but he’s not very good at reading the signs.

mo holbyMo is going all showbiz thanks to her side job as “Dr Mo.” I’m not entirely convinced that a weekly medical slot on a local radio station would seem quite that glamorous for a woman who spends her day job doing heart surgery, but that’s just me and my muddled priorities. Whatever, it gives Mo the chance to swan about in fabulous frocks. Unfortunately, it also makes her very bitchy towards poor Adele, who took refuge in Darwin under the wing of Jonny Maconie. This also brought her face to face with the force of nature that is Jac Naylor. Possibly because she has Mo as a sister, Adele is completely unintimidated by Jac as a doctor or as a person. It’s always funny to see Jac’s face when she comes across someone who hasn’t read the “We’re all terrified of Ms Naylor” script – it’s a lovely mixture of rage, confusion, amusement and respect.

Next time: More Smug/Posh/Smug, more Clash of the Effangas, and Zosia scores 22% for bedside manner. I’m surprised it’s that high, actually.


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18 responses to “Holby City: Life finds a way

  1. holbylover819

    I really don’t like Mo what with her neglecting Jonny in favour of cupcakes and being so mean to Adele. I’ve never cared about Jonny that much but as his best friend Mo should support him given how he’s lost both his fiancé and daughter recently. As for Adele, I already loved her when she showed how lovely she was to patients and by standing up to Jac she’s now completely won over my heart.
    I hope Harry finds out about the kid, and Raf about the affair, soon; I don’t think I could take it if it drags on too long. Just get to the shouty bit already! Or give us more Serena. I don’t think I’d ever get bored with a storyline including her. (Then again I felt that way about Jac and look where we are)

    • Sox

      I must admit I do feel Jonny deserves it a bit.. He’s barely acknowledged Mo’s existence in weeks, brushed her off whenever they have talked and never listened to her problems. Fair enough he is angry/hurt/whatever but if he’s going to be vile to the people around him I’m not sure he can be too surprised. Having said that I’m not enjoying Mo’s personality transformation that much either. I think there’s a finite amount of niceness to go around Holby and as Sasha seems to have recovered somewhat someone else has to go downhill!

      I suspected more Serena meant that everything had to go pear shaped for her which makes me a bit sad. I love her relationship with her mother though, it feels amazingly genuine. Yay for Adele too, I suspect she’s the one who has tipped the niceness scale off the balance.

      • holbylover819

        Yeah, thinking about it, for good friends Mo and Jonny don’t seem to have a good friendship.

  2. mrssatan

    I work in a Dementia home (admin but do come into daily contact with the clients) and sadly my Grandfather had Dementia… and I was shouting “No Serena” at the screen when she ask her Mum to move in. She never had the time to visit her and, unless she gives up work or gets home care, her Mum is going to be just as vulnerable at her home as she was in her flat. Can’t see this storyline having a happy ending.

    Talking of unhappy endings… I’d settle for one for any of the other current storylines; Jac ~v~ Jonny, Mo ~v~ Adele and Smug/Smug/Posh… just had enough of all of them. Comes to something when Selfie being nice to Serena’s Mum is a welcome break in the angst heavy plot!

  3. MvOC

    Can we all just collectively ignore the Smugs/Posh story?

    So Mo appears to be the latest to acquire a complete personality transplant! Was delighted to see Mr T back but if Mo’s current behaviour continues for long she won’t deserve him! Adele has been a favourite of mine from day one and like you said it was nice to see someone who wasn’t following the ‘be afraid of Jac Naylor’ rule book.

    The Serena/Adrienne story highlighted even more the stupidity of the AAU plot by sheer contrast of it’s moments of subtlety and genuine drama. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen such a believable performance from a character as we did from Catherine Russell last night. Even Selfie’s insertion didn’t spoil it.

  4. Chloe Derbyshire

    I’m starting to get the suspicion that this storyline with Serena and Adrienne could be paving the way for Serena to leave… I bloody well hope not though.

    I’m also thinking the same with this Harry in this Harry/Amy/Raf story, just as I said on twitter last night, and again, down to the fact that I’m one of the few people that actually likes Harry, I don’t really want that to happen either.

    As for Jac, does anyone else get the feeling that she might actually be slightly scared of Collete, or I’d it just me that gets that impression…

    • Chloe Derbyshire


    • wiggles

      I doubt Jac is scared of Colette but can certainly see her being very wary around her. DoN is a very powerful position in any hospital and she also has the distinct advantage of being bessie mates with the CEO so not someone,anyone, even Jac, would want to antagonise/get on the wrong side of unnecessarily.

  5. mrssatan

    I forgot to say Sue, your favourite, the lovely Luke Roberts was in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – spotted him on Bank Holiday Monday’s showing 😊

  6. HolbyNut

    Thought Serena was marvellous this week.
    And yes, Holby writers, please do stop giving characters personality transplants – it just isn’t believable and sort of spoils what we thought of characters. Like Mo in past weeks has just been ridiculous – and that’s not the girl we have known for the past few years….

    • I also prefer Mo when she’s being lovely, but I can cope with this storyline because it feels like it’s just the presence of Adele that sparks this competitive streak in her – like she’s always been the bossy older sister and having Adele in the hospital is making her revert to that a bit. Like it’s her “child” persona rather than her “adult” persona, if you know what I mean.

  7. Dawn

    Yes – Serena was fabulous this week. I too am getting fed up of Mo’s apparent lobotomy. Just when did she turn into such a bitch?! Not impressed with that twist in events. Bring back the Miss Effanga we know and love (and then she can get it on with the delicious Dr Gynae/Mr T).

    I noticed the lovely Luke in Pirates of he Caribbean. I wish he’d come back to Holby… SUE- write us another episode. You left me wanting more after your Christmas one.

    • Thank you Dawn! (If anyone hasn’t seen the Joseph/Jac story I wrote for Christmas, it’s here and there’s also a review of Luke Roberts playing Dracula here). I’d love to have another go at a Holby-related story. I’m not sure I can keep thinking of ways to send Jac to Cumbria, though!

      • Collins1965

        Lady Byrne could have a heart attack that requires Joseph to return to Holby to be by her side….Added bonus is he could put Jonny back in his box for treating Jac so badly.
        Go on, write it, you know you want to…and we want to read it!!!!

      • Oh my lord, I would love to see Joseph giving Jonny what-for (like he did with Linden).

  8. Dawn

    Go on Sue …

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