Casualty: Too many chiefs

connie casualty(Series 28, ep.38) There really are too many chiefs in Casualty at the moment. Connie Beauchamp is still giving Zoe’s office glances that suggest she’s a short step away from ordering fabric swatches and paint charts, but she had time this week to get back to her CT roots with a bit of chest cracking and heart squeezing. This was obviously fabulous, but I couldn’t help worrying about infection risks. Surely Connie and Ash had time to pop a cap, gown and mask on, rather then just a plastic apron? When people are rushed into theatre on Darwin and Keller in an emergency the surgeon doesn’t just wander along in her/his street clothes to do the procedure? Maybe that’s just me being old fashioned.

zoe ash casualtyAnyways, apparently Ash resigned but then he unresigned again, and he’s formed a bit of an anti-Connie pact with Zoe. Like I said, too many chiefs in that place and something will have to give sooner or later.  

Meanwhile, there was an interesting tale of sibling rivalry going on, with a restaurant owner who had two daughters – the less favoured, biological daughter who had Kitchen Nightmares-style modernisation plans for the place and his more favoured adopted daughter who cooked just like mama and agreed with papa that the old ways were the best ways. It all ended up with a lot of burned hands and an accidental stabbing, and the aggrieved biological daughter being on the receiving end of advice about sibling rivalry from Cal, who knows all about that particular topic.

jeff casualtyParamedic Tamzin was back, which was a surprise for me because (a) I didn’t know she’d gone and (b) I’d forgotten she existed. It was even more of a surprise for Jeff, who seems to have a soft spot for her (possibly they had a bit of a “thing” while I wasn’t watching) and was disappointed to learn that while she was away she’d acquired a fiancé. I do hate seeing Jeff looking gloomy – it’s a waste of the nicest teeth in the NHS.


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4 responses to “Casualty: Too many chiefs

  1. holbylover819

    That stabbing was horrible, possibly due to the fact that I could see that happening in real life as opposed to the restaurant exploding or collapsing.
    It took me a second to recognise Tamzin with blonde hair and the rest of the rest of the episode to try and figure out why she had left. I think it was something to do with her not putting a spinal thing on a guy who ended up paralysed with seems strange to think of it now because most of the time they’re like “refused treatment at the scene” and nothing happens. Can’t have been that exciting an exit story then.

    • It was one of those classic Casualty scenes where you know an accident is going to happen, but what will it be? So many possibilities in kitchen full of emotional people, heat and knives. That’s why my husband refuses to watch Casualty – he can’t cope with the suspense of knowing that something horrible is always about to happen.

      • holbylover819

        But the guessing and the suspense is the best part! Sure you know someone’s going to end up injured but who? My favourite was the one with the guy in a tree with a chainsaw, reckless woodchip machine operating and distracted boss with financial difficulties. That was one where luckily the best case scenario ending up happening.

      • Oh, I agree! One of my favourite Casualty episodes ever was this one because the opening had so much potential for hideous injury!

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